Scotch Corner: A New Daily Art Blog

While the geographical Scotch Corner is (ironically enough) in England, on the web at least it will be firmly north of the border come Wednesday 1st of July.

Six Scottish artists have grouped together to produce a team blog in a show of Celtic solidarity with, or as the Scots put it “shamelessly inspired and ripped off from”, the Eclectic Micks art blog.

The six artists will each take one day a week to post an illustration to the Scotch Corner blog –

Jon Hodgson is fair of face on Monday

Graeme Neil Reid is full of grace on Tuesday

Andy Hepworth is full of woe(!) on Wednesday

Gary Erskine has far to go on Thursday

Thomas Crielly is loving and giving on Friday

and they have yet to announce someone who works hard for a living on Saturday!

Which leaves the Sunday slot and, in a twist, they are offering the day as a guest slot for anyone who would like to contribute. Aspiring artists should contact the team via the e-mail address on their blog if they would like to be considered for one of the Sunday guest slots. You will be pleased to know that being “bonny and blithe and good and gay” on the Sabbath day is not a prerequisite for selection.

The Scotch Corner Daily Art Blog begins on Wednesday 1st July.

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