Simon Furman and Geoff Senior’s “To the Death” heads to comic stores

To the Death PromoTo The Death – the new comic book series from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior – is now available to pre-order from all good comic books stores, ahead of its 19th June 2019 on sale date… and if you subscribe, you might feature in the comic yourself!

A searing ten part prestige (48 page, card cover, square bound) maxi series from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior – fan favourite Transformers writer and artist team, and creators of Marvel UK’s Death’s Head and Dragon’s Claws – the title comes at you from comics distributors and publishers Get My Comics– and  subscriptions to the title are available now.

As an added inducement to subscribe to the new maxi-series, you’ll get a once in a lifetime chance to be drawn by Geoff in To The Death issue #10! Along with a free art print and exclusive offers for subscribing to the run, you’ll be entered into a draw to have your face artworked into issue #10, in one specific panel.

Yes – you get to be killed in a comic, in Geoff’s unique style! Does it get any better than that?

In To the Death, Aleksy Dryagin returns from off-world wars to find that putting down his guns and picking up where he left off with his wife and young son is not an option. Instead, he’s marked for death, the pawn in a power struggle between the omnipotent Tri-Corp and subversive organization White Noise. But Dryagin is no one’s pawn. You pick a fight with Dryagin… It’s To The Death.

Populated with colourful characters – such as evolved fish-man Killatoa, The Triumvirate, and Dryagin’s crack Scourge platoon of ‘Pacifiers’, To The Death is widescreen kinetic action all the way, building to a truly Earth-shattering conclusion.

To the Death by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior

In the 1980s, writer Simon Furman and artist Senior were at the cutting edge of British comics with fan-favourite runs on Transformers, Dragon’s Claws and Death’s Head (for Marvel UK) and work on 2000AD. Both decamped to Marvel US, working on the likes of She-Hulk, What If?, Alpha Flight, Robocop and more.

Furman’s epic run on Transformers continued from Marvel to Dreamwave and onto IDW, where Simon kick-started the entire IDW TRANSFORMERS-VERSE. Although Geoff moved more into storyboarding and advertising, his comics work continued – and he recently contributed to both Transformers: Regeneration One and Transformers: Requiem of the Wreckers.

Simon Furman’s most recent work includes Robotech for Titan Comics and The Vigilant for Rebellion.

You can subscribe to To the Death on the Get My Comics site, or prepay for the complete run with exclusive offers – choose a variant issue one, 10 issues for the price of 9, a free art print, entry into a competition to be drawn into the storyline, and the option to purchase the Forged By Fire prequel one shot for just £2.99

Comic retailers have also been sent solicitation/ ordering material for To the Death issue #1.

“That means you can stride boldly into your local comic book store and stake/pre-reserve your first copy of this searing new 10-issues maxi-series,” Simon says.

“.We won’t be collecting the series for quite some time, so get your action-adrenaline shot in now!”

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To the Death © Simon Furman & Geoff Senior

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