Smallville Sets US Ratings Records

Smallville Season Two: Clark reports (29/10/02) that Warner Bros. has announced that Smallville is setting new ratings records in its target demographic groups. Two weeks ago, the show delivered 8.9 million viewers and the highest ratings ever for The WB in adults 18-34. It also set all-time series and time period records with women 18-34, adults 18-49, and teens.

Last Tuesday, Smallville beat the World Series in adults 18-34.

These ratings can be translated into sales in pop culture stores. The official Smallville Website has unveiled the “Wall of Weird,” which chronicles Smallville events through the eyes of the editor of the Smallville High Torch. To access the “Wall…,” fans need clues from Smallville: The Comic, available now.

In addition to the comic, action figures, and PVCs from DC and DC Direct, respectively, another merchandising opportunity will present itself when Inkworks releases its Smallville Trading Cards on 13th November 2002. They’ll include autograph cards from six Smallville stars.

Inkworks is also producing binders and will be releasing a limited number of uncut sheets.

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