Sneak Preview – 2000AD Prog 1913 (On Sale Wednesday 14th January)

2000AD-Prog-1913 - Cover


2000AD Prog 1913 – on sale in newsagents, comic shops and digitally 14th January 2015 – delivers another high quality issue of the last remaining British SF adventure weekly, wrapped in a cover by Neil Roberts that has real impact and will jump out at you from the shelves.

The issue has some horror, humour and action as it should do in any good Prog. 2000AD has been on top form recently and this new run of stories that premiered in the Christmas special are really gaining some pace.

Judges Dredd and Anderson investigate a lead in "Dark Judges". Art by Greg Staples.

Judges Dredd and Anderson investigate a lead in “Dark Judges”. Art by Greg Staples.

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice written by John Wagner with some lovely painterly artwork by Greg Staples continues to lead the charge. The pieces are finally coming together in the story and the Judges are playing catch up. This is one of those stories that is going to be an evergreen classic when all put together in a trade.

Savage: Grinders by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard continues to reveal the rich history of the Millsverse. The A.B.C. Warriors / Robusters mythos taking centre stage in the next wave of English Revolution. The ideal mix of action, sarcasm and politics. The black and white line work that makes use of old school heavy guttering for this Book 9 of the series looks excellent as well.

Ulysses Sweet Maniac For Hire: Psych Therapist written by Guy Adams with art by Paul Marshall continues to add some crazy action and lots of ooooer moments to the mix. There are some hilariously created characters in this story – a little adult at times (but that’s OK, I hope to be an adult one day). That mid point where 2000AD meets Harry Harrison meets The Inbetweeners? Great fun.

The opening panel of The Order in Prog 1913 by Kek-W and John M. Burns

The opening panel of The Order in Prog 1913 by Kek-W and John M. Burns

The Order by written Kek-W with art by John M. Burns is glorious. The coloured art was a real high point for this issue and looks straight out of a 1970s Metal Hurlant (with a dash of “George and Lynne”, the Sun‘s perhaps infamous and no-longer-published cartoon strip of scantily-clad domestic bliss, obviously) The story advances dramatically and has some great one liners thrown into the mix.

Orlok: Eurozoned by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch continues to tell the history of the East Meg villain before the events of Block Mania. It’s told with a black and white sci-fi noir feel. Cold War spy stories mix with the amphetamine overdosed world of the Mega Cities. The opening couple of pages are a little exposition heavy but they soon find their feet.

Overall: a great weekly package that deserves your money. If you ain’t you need to get on this run now!

•  2000AD Prog 1913 is available in print from UK newsagents on Wednesday 14th January 2015 and all good comic book stores via Diamond (NOV142841); and available in digital from: 2000AD webshop2000AD iPad app. It’s on sale physically in the US on 14th February

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