Spaceship Away Issue 46 out now – and the Mekon is back in action

Spaceship Away (Issue 46) - CoverThe 2018 autumn issue of Spaceship Away (Issue 46) is available now and sees the Mekon return in Tim Booth‘s continuing Dan Dare adventure, “Shakedown Cruise“.

Other strips in the magazine include a continuation of “Operation Pintos“, with part five of the story, and John Russell Fearn‘s “The Golden Amazon” saga, coloured by Martin Baines.

Spaceship Away (Issue 46) - Promotional Image

This issue also includes an article by veteran comic creator, Sydney Jordan (the creator of Jeff Hawke) and Chris Tubb, about the short-lived Planet on Sunday newspaper’s “Dan Dare” strip.

downthetubes contributor Jeremy Briggs also has a feature in the issue – “Trains, Planes and Rocketships”, highlighting the career of artist, Ron Jobson, the British illustrator best known for his beautiful science fiction paintings in the three 1950s Space Kingley books which were featured in Issue 45.

In his article, Jeremy reveals Jobson’s first published work was also science fiction, a competition winning entry in Modern Wonder issue 35 dated 15th January 1938. It’s reprinted in Spaceship Away presumably for the first time since 1938 given that no other article on him as ever mentioned it, but Ron confirmed it was indeed his work when he spoke with Jeremy some years back.

Ray Wright also brings readers up-to-date with the latest news in the world of space, with four pages of Space News.

The centrespread features Graham Bleathman‘s cutaway of Spacefleet’s XC-9 Deep Space Cruiser, coloured by Martin Baines and “Frontiers of Space” takes readers back to the 1950s with visions of how it was planned to set up a permanent Moon Base.

The issue concludes with two humour strips, a newly-commissioned cartoon “Will the Real Dan Dare…” by prize-winning cartoonist Steve English and the next episode of “Earthward Bound”.

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• Ron Jobson’s career was also covered by Norman Wright and David Ashford in Book and Magazine Collector Issue 320

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