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Doctor Who - Land of the Blind - CoverEpisode #106 of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel from erudite Who comics aficionados Jeremy Bement is live. Artist, inker and art connoisseur David Roach chats with him about drawing the Third Doctor and Jo for the Doctor Who Infinity computer/app game and a lot more.

Doctor Who Infinity - The Orphans of the Polyoptra - Cover

David’s many credits include drawing and inking numerous series’ in the 1990s, for DC (Batman, Star Trek), Dark Horse (Aliens, Star Wars) Topps (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) and Dynamite (Vampirella). He’s also provided illustrations for advertising and games, including the popular Dungeons and Dragons series.

As a writer, he has contributed to numerous art and comic magazines and is the author or co-author of 15 books including The Warren Companion (published by Twomorrows), The Art of War (Carlton), Lifestyle Illustrations of the 50s and 60s (Fiell), The Art of Jose Gonzalez, Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art and the Art of Vampirella (all for Dynamite). His latest book, Masters of British Comic Art, is set for release by Rebellion in 2019.

Based in Cardiff, in recent years David has diversified into storyboards and games, working on the Warhammer movie, the Da Vinci’s Demons TV series and the Doctor Who Infinity computer game.

He is currently working on the Doctor Who comic strip for Doctor Who Magazine, which he has been with for 17 years now, along with “Judge Dredd” and “Judge Anderson” for 2000AD – and a mountain of commissions for fans.

Jeremy also checks out Part Two of Doctor Who Magazine‘s first Thirteenth Doctor story “The Warmonger”, and Kate Orman’s Third Doctor strip, “Change of Mind”, recently reprinted in the collection Land of the Blind (reviewed here on downthetubes).

"Change of Mind", a Third Doctor story by Kate Orman, drawn by Barrie Mitchell

“Change of Mind”, a Third Doctor story by Kate Orman, drawn by Barrie Mitchell

There’s also Doctor Who comics news and information about this year’s Doctor Who Comics Day, organised by Titan Comics.

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