Supermarionation-inspired comic Lightning 5 returns to Aces Weekly

Lightning 5 by Martin Cater

Supermarionation-style comic Lightning 5, is featured in Volume 48 of the digital anthology Aces Weekly, alongside many other great thrills and spills.

An affectionate homage to early Gerry Anderson shows such as Supercar and Fireball XL5, “Lightning 5”, first seen in Aces Weekly Volume 42, is the creation of Martin Cater, who has also written a number of comic strips for Network’s Gerry Anderson-related DVD and Blu-Ray Special Edition comics. .

Lightning 5 by Martin Cater

“There’s also a ‘title sequence’ this time around,” Martin tells us, “on Youtube and it could do with a few looks!”

Week Five of Aces Weekly Volume 48 is now running, this edition offering subscribers six 21-page serials the anthology always features as one chunk of fab reading when the massive volumes complete – instead of in bite-sizes with a brew every week, so waiting will seem less…

Gentleman Ghouls © 2020 Martin Hayes and Alfie Gallagher
Aces Weekly - Void © 2020 Chris Geary
Aces Weekly – Void © 2020 Chris Geary
Black © 2020 Anthony Smith and Tobis Taitt
Black © 2020 Anthony Smith and Tobis Taitt
Aces Weekly - I Kill Dragons © 2020 David Rodríguez and Feli White
I Kill Dragons © 2020 David Rodríguez and Feli White
Merlin and Hector © 2020 Jok LP and Rodolfo Santullo

For just £1 per week, David Lloyd, the guy who brought you V For Vendetta, brings you up to 150 pages in seven weekly parts through cyberspace on a continual basis.

“Just try us if you’re yet to, and give yourselves a break in this stressful world,” David urges. “Cancel anytime you like if you can’t stand the pleasure!”

Aces Weekly is at

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