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As we indicated in earlier reports, DC Thomson has revealed extensive plans to launch The Beano still further into the the digital realm, introducing a roster of new  interactive content for its official website and social media platforms.

“These new intitiatives will aim to inspire increased positive play with the prankster duo and encourage fans to share content via new online communities,” say DC Thomson.

The brand will now aim to engage with wider audiences through an enhanced website (although those changes have yet ti be introduced), updated social media offerings on the official Facebook and Twitter pages and more new iOS apps including interactive comics and games., joining the recently released Dennis the Menace and Gnasher Prank Sticker app.

DC Thomson will also be revamping its dedicated The Beano YouTube channel this month, introducing the means for kids to safely share video content and create an online community that enables young fans to showcase their own pranks on parents and families.

“The rise in digital technology and social media means that today’s consumers are interacting with brands a little differently,” says Tim Collins, head of brands at DC Thomson. “Despite being classic characters, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher still resonate amongst young fans and so it’s important for us as a licensor to give back fresh content to what is an overwhelming demand from our consumers.

“We’re moving with the times and have undertaken substantial research in understanding what our fans actually want. By working with our teams to develop exciting digital assets across a spectrum of platforms, we can now ensure a significant presence not only on TV, publishing and toys, but in all the other areas that today’s tech savvy generation are engaging with.”

Tim is a fierce advocate of The Beano and more than happy to sing its praises, no matter what form fans enjoy it in. “It just works,” he said of the comic’s lasting success in a wide ranging interview about DC Thomson’s licensing plans for LicensingBiz. “Dennis the Menace is the boy that every child wants to be. All the characters, pranks and jokes, and the ethos of putting the reader at the centre of the story with humour are timeless.

“We have also been trying new techniques and concepts to keep the brand as relevant as it has ever been,” he argues. “Due to its cross generational appeal, it’s been vital when targeting audiences that we separate the comic from the characters and stories. So for example, for those children who may not be reading the physical comic, we aim to reach and introduce these great characters to them through platforms such as the Dennis the Menace and Gnasher TV show on CBBC, toys and games or now reading the fiction books from Penguin.”


Source: LicensingBiz

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