The Moment Has Been Prepared For…

It’s tonight. Pull on your Dalek slippers. Get the Doctor Who chocolate from the fridge. Take the phone off the hook because, believe it or not, there may be some people not watching it. And enjoy.

65 minutes of new “New Who” and we will know what the current season has been building up to. Russell T Davies episodes tend to be the Chinese takeaway of Doctor Who stories, brilliant at the time but leaving you with a hollow feeling a few hours later, however last week’s The Stolen Earth had just everything that you would have wanted which, in comparison to the reflective Turn Left, raced breathlessly to a potential regeneration.
Will the Doctor regenerate? Will he get a hand from Captain Jack? Eight hours and counting…

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2 replies

  1. My kids were never more excited before, during and after this last episode. RTD knows exactly how to tailor his stories toward the kids.


  2. Yes, but can anyone tell us what actually happened? The takeaway analogy works for me.

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