Tube Surfing: 3 July 2008

  • Steve Holland of Bear Alley reviews Paul Gravett’s Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics here. He dubs it a ‘must-have collection.’
  • Over at the Forbidden Planet Blog, Alex Fitch gives us the lowdown on many of the neat podcasts coming up on Internet radio station Resonance FM. Some real aural delights there, including a selection of interviews with comics folk recorded at this year’s Bristol International Comics Expo and an interview with Doctor Who legend, scriptwriter and script editor Terrance Dicks. Head over and check it all out. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Bugpowder is a communal news blog for the British small press comics scene. Cartoonist, activist and small press comics journalist Andy Luke has posted A Guide to Bugpowder for Resource Users and Bugbloggers. It rambles and jumps about a bit, and will possibly lose you in places, but stick with it…there’s gold in them thar hills! If you’re not familiar with Bugpowder, then check out the site itself before reading Andy’s guide. Might also be an idea to read this first too.
  • The BBC are giving you lucky people the opportunity to put your questions to Russell T Davies. Davies is, of course, the man behind the newly revamped Doctor Who, which debuted in 2005, but now he’s moving on. Steven Moffatt, who created hit sitcom Coupling and has written several highly-acclaimed episodes of new Who, will take over from Davies in 2010.
  • Richard Johnston of Lying in the Gutters gives the world ten top facts about Scottish comics scribe Mark Millar (you’ll have to scroll down a bit). Our favourite: ‘9) He once tried a moustache and regretted it.’
  • Comic artist Rufus Dayglo works seven days a week and the results are good. He’s a busy, busy man (just an excuse to link to Tank Girl and pristeen16 art really).

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