The Old West comes to Thought Bubble with “Tales Of WesterNoir”

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One of our favourite small press series here on downthetubes over the last couple of years has been writer Dave West and artist Gary Crutchley’s WesterNoir. The series tells the tale Josiah Black who hunts supernatural creatures in the Old West. The series has to date run to four books with the fifth due early in 2015.

When co-creators Gary and Dave sat down to plot out the next four issue mini-series it occurred to them that there were so many little side stories that, whilst discussed to give the events a solid foundation, would never see the light of day within the pages of the title as it would unbalance the book and break the flow of the main story. They decided that these little tales could be told in a comic to accompany the main books and so Tales Of WesterNoir was born.

Gary and Dave decided to each tell a story in the new title but to get a different artist to illustrate it allowing Gary to focus his artistic efforts on the main WesterNoir.

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Dave West tells us, “This first issue tells the story of events that follow on from WesterNoir issue 2. What happened to the girl that Josiah saved from the Pontipees, well … saved and then used as bait. Gary Crutchley and Roland Bird bring this story to the comic page and it’s a typically dark tale.”

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The second story in Tales Of WesterNoir Book One is written by Dave West who says that it “tells of Josiah Black’s (or Josiah Kane’s as he was called back then) first use of a gun. Illustrated by Danish friend Pedro Lopez we see Josiah take his very first step down a path that he will regret many times in his life, but a step that he really could never have avoided.”

Tales Of WesterNoir Book One will be available from the Accent UK sales table in New Dock Hall at Thought Bubble over the weekend of 15-16 November 2014.

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