The Spencer Nero Club is back – be ready for weirdness!

Issue #2 of the “very, very weird” independent British comic The Spencer Nero Club is out now – a series we’re told one reader described as “like Alan Moore writing the Famous Five”.

The Spencer Nero Club #2

It’s 1938, and dark secrets lurk beneath Blackabbots School – secrets that can only be unearthed by Oz and Roni (with a little help from Panzer, their pet head in a jar!) But what might these secrets reveal about their idol, 1930s superman Spencer Nero, and his own chequered schooldays? Where does masochistic form teacher Mr. Partially-Denuded fit in? And what does the voice of a prawn sound like? Find out within – but be warned: the power of Proteus floods these pages! You won’t emerge unchanged!

This 28-page US format black-and-white volume is written by Greg Meldrum (Martillo, Gallo, The Psychedelic Journal) and features art by Scott Twells (The Adventures of Punk and Rock, Zarjaz, Dogbreath) and letters / design by Filippo (PARAGON, BlazerThe77).

The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire

Regular downthetubes readers will recall Peter Duncan reviewed issue #1, describing it as “an excellent book, funny, well-written and with an artist perfectly suited to the material and very, very weird.”

Well, Greg Meldrum says Issue #2 is even weirder – so check it out here on Comicsy!

If you want a taster of what The Spencer Nero Club is about, then the team have compiled four ‘Spencer Nero’ stories from recent issues of PARAGON comic as a free sampler.

“The harder times get, the more people want to read about the adventures of a Roman-obsessed 1930s pulp hero fighting Nazi leprechauns,” says Greg, tongue firmly in cheek. “Which is why Scott, Filippo and I have slapped these stories together with some all-new intro and recap pages and a brand-new cover, and now present them as a completely free digital download. They are yours to peruse at your leisure.”

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Buy The Spencer Nero Club #2 from Comicsy here

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Check out the free Spencer Nero Club sampler here (Dropbox link)

The latest issue of PARAGON (Issue 28) is seeking backing on Kickstarter

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