Titan Comics releases “Alien Legion: Uncivil War” preview

Alien Legion Uncivil War #1 Cover


The classic series Alien Legion is back – and Titan Comics has it, blasting its way into an all-new battle-scared, laser-ravaged adventure previewed below…

In Alien Legion: Uncivil War, a galaxy savaged by strife, torn by civil war, boiling with spilt blood, Alien Legion is a cosmic military force doing its damnedest to keep the peace by being always ready for war.

At the tip of the Legion’s multi-species spear is Force Nomad – the worst of the worst fashioned on the white-hot forge of battle into the best of the best. Now the squad’s grizzled veterans are on what should be a boring milk run; shepherding refugees fleeing a civil war ripping apart their system. Could be a good chance to to toughen the newbies of Nomad into soldiers… until straight-up peacekeeping descends into full-scale war!

This brand-new series brings together the creative giants behind the legendary original Alien Legion stories: Chuck Dixon (Punisher War Journal, Savage Sword of Conan, Batman and the Outsiders) and Carl Potts (The Punisher, The Incredible Hulk) with fantastic art by Larry Stroman (Wolverine, The Punisher).

Originally created by Carl Potts, Alan Zelenetz and Frank Cirocco, Alien Legion first saw the light of day as a comic book series published by Marvel Comics’ Epic Comics imprint. The comic’s initial nine year run at Marvel/Epic sold approximately 2.25 million copies in North America. It has been published in at least five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese and parts of the series have been collected in trade paperbacks from Epic Comics, Titan Books and Checker Book Publishing Group.

Over the years, Alien Legion has had a number of close calls with Hollywood – for feature films and TV series. Most recently, Jerry Bruckheimer Productions/Walt Disney bought Carl Potts’ Alien Legion screenplay and the script has been undergoing revisions by several top Hollywood screenwriters including Executive Producer Boaz Yakin. It’s too soon to tell if/when Alien Legion will end up in front of the cameras – but we’re guessing that if Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a smash, then perhaps interest in making Alien Legion will step up a gear?

A must-have for any fan of the original run, Alien Legion: Uncivil War is also the perfect point for new fans to hit Alien Legion’s hot LZ! Get to it, ya damn bospors!

Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1 is on sale from 25th June. Web: http://titan-comics.com

• Official Alien Legion web site: http://alienlegion.com

Alien Legion Uncivil War #1 Sample Page

Alien Legion Uncivil War #1 Sample Page

Alien Legion Uncivil War #1 Sample Page

Alien Legion Uncivil War #1 Sample Page

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