Tube Surfing: 20 February 2009

Ben Templesmith has donated some art from IDW’s Doctor Who – The Whispering Gallery book to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which they are currently auctioning off on eBay. The aution ends later today (Feb-20-09 15:00:00 PST) so now is the time to get in there and bid. As of writing this item, the current bid stood at over $360.

• Fancy winning a signed copy of Titan Books’ Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, a new collection of nearly two decades of articles, speeches and interviews by Jonathan Clements on anime, manga, and Asian culture? Well, now’s your chance.
The book’s official blog (yes, even books have blogs these days) reveals that Schoolgirl Milky Crisis is described as ‘A stupid name for a generic anime show, made up to protect the innocent in Jonathan Clements’.
To win a prize, all you have to do is come up with your own stupid name for a generic show in the style of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis. It can be anything you like and feel free to submit multiple entries (though we would advise that you avoid profanity!). There is no need to include a synopsis of your imagined show as this contest will only be judged on the title itself!
To enter this contest, all you need to do is simply email your entry to

Faz Choudhury‘s latest contribution to online webjam strip Huzzah!! is up. “It’s been a huge amount of fun doing these but that doesn’t mean to say I’m not daunted by the setting, it’s not the kind of thing I’m used to drawing,” he says. “And that’s all the more reason to take part, being pushed out of whatever comfort zone I may have!”

• The officially-recognised site, devoted to the 1970s girls’ comic Misty, is looking for artists to illustrate some tales of horror and intrigue for the next Mistycomic Special. They already have several strips “in the bag” but there have been some drop outs and delays to promoised material, so release of the special has been put back.

Thrill-Powered Thursday, put together by “Grant, The Hipster Dad”, has a new home, prompted by concerns about changes at LiveJournal. It’s a weekly look at the world of 2000AD, prompted byt Grant’s re-reading of his collection of 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, one issue an evening, and once each week for the foreseeable future.
Grant also complies Reprint This, a blog offering suggestions for collections of long gone comics, a theme which has been taken up recently by Chris Mautner over at Comic Book Resources in a new column Collect This Now!

• Script writers out there may be interested in this article in Script Magazine, offering advice on “How Not to Annoy a Reader”. While it’s greared toward film scripting writing, comic strip writers may find this passage particularly pertient: “Don’t assume I know what you’re talking about. This problem is especially popular with writers of sci-fi and fantasy scripts, scripts based upon highly technical or academic premises, or those featuring characters with highly specialized knowledge or abilities.” Writer ray Morton also opnines that, as a rule of thumb, script writers should “Assume your reader is a dolt who needs everything spelled out for him. But spell it out dramatically, using action, character and behaviour.”

Tim Pilcher, author of the two volumes of Erotic Comics published by ILEX, has been interviewed by Chicago-based journalist Steve Bunche. The interview is online via Steve’s blog, but may later show up on Publisher’s Weekly Comic Week.
Exhaustively researched and approached with an enthusiastic and scholarly eye, the two handsome hardcover Erotic Comics editions chronicle the evolution of erotic comics and gives readers intimate looks at the lives of the pioneers and legends in the field. Volume 2 is released in March: Mature Readers Only…

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