Tube Surfing: 27 October 2008

• Comics artist Neil Edwards sent us a sneak peek from an upcoming Iron Man strip for Panin’s new Marvel Heroes. Here’s a panel from the strip, which see Iron Man battling more than one costumed hero.

• Hot on the heels of our foray into British girls comics with our feature by Jenny McDade on wriitng for Tammy, Artist Sean Phillips has just posted some pages for his The Secret of Penny Farthing he drew for Bunty, aged just 16. Here’s the first post, and the second… The first part was inked by Ken Houghton who pencilled and inked the first episode, then Sean took over pencils for the rest of the story.

• Theres’ a new episode of the brilliant FreakAngels online from Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield, with Warren suggesting this might be a good starting point for those of you who haven’t read it before. (I went and read it and am not so sure, but maybe he’s hinting at things to come…)

• Determined that more people should subscribe to The DFC, Neill Cameron has posted the first episode of his gorgeous school strip Mo-Bot High, on his blog.

• The first part of a new interview with Starship Troopers writer Cy Dethan has just been posted on SciFi Pulse. Well worth a read if you’re an aspiring wirtyer or artist as Cy offers some useful comment on breaking into the business.

• (via Lew Stringer): Another popular British comics artist is no longer with us. Ken Hunter, whose strips adorned many issues of The Topper and The Beezer died on October 20th aged 91. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

• Steve Holland has profiled Valiant anti-hero One-Eyed Jack, brought to life by John Cooper, over on Bear Alley.

• Artist Tim Perkins has posted some designs for his strip for Hot Wheels comic on his blog. The comic is published by Oldham-based Lucky Bag and the strips written by former Marvel UK and IPC editor Ian Rimmer.

• (via BugPowder): Phill Elliott, who really should have become far more famous, is posting his Tales From Gimbley online, starting with his earliest work and continuing one a day until up to the most recent. The Tales From Gimbley strips were printed around the world, but most of them appeared in Phill’s own self-published titles which had very limited print-runs so many of the strips you’ll find on this site have been lost in transit.
” This could almost be considered one of the founding documents of the UK small-press movement of the 1980s, I suspect,” comments Eddie Campbell on his blog, who also offer a rare insight into the original small press boom back then. “The thing about the original small press comics scene is that there was a seeking to make comics into a kind of café thing. The exciting challenge was to make the medium interact with the regular passing parade.
“Objects were creatively undefined, and poetry music and mail-art were in the mix. Getting an exhibition in a coffee house or a Mayfair gallery, or a review or interview in the music press or in an arts context, or selling stuff at the Saturday open air market or at CND rallies were a few of our opportunities to connect, as I recall.”

Ellerbisms from Marc Ellerby is now online on its own dedicated site at and well worth a visit. Marc’s promising regularly updated strips Monday and Thursday and has moved all his previous Ellerbisms previously found on his Live Journal to this new site.

• US comics site Newsarama currently has a long, ongoing 10-part interview with Grant Morrison his recently finished and quite brilliant All Star Superman. Here’s Part One

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