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A few more images have started to surface regarding the upcoming Dan Dare comic from Virgin. This one, taken from the Virgin website, shows the variant cover to Issue #1 by artist Greg Horn, best known for his work on Marvel’s Elektra and Emma Frost titles.

The accompanying issue trailer reveals “…Dan Dare was once a hero. He brokered peace with alien races, pushed the frontiers of space, and save the planet from total annihilation… repeatedly. But now, his Space Fleet disbanded, the United Nations has crumbled, his friends scattered to the solar winds. Britain is once again the world power, but Dare, disilluisioned and disappointed in his once-precious home country, has quietly retired.

But there’s trouble mustering in Deep Space. The HMS Achilles is picking up starnge signals when, suddenly, an enormous fleet of hostile ships ambushes the destroyer. As the crew struggles to say alive, they realise with horror that the hostiles have brought a weapon of unimagineable power.

Dan Dare, pilot of the future, has been called out of retirement.”

A recent comics ‘retailer summit in the US led to the following couple of items being produced.

Dan Dare promotiona t-shirt - art by Bryan Talbot

Art samples of the new Virgin Comics Dan Dare

The first item of the two is the most interesting, revealing some of Gary Erskine’s pencils for the series.

Virgin Comics can be found here:

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  1. The new virgin comic ‘Deepak Chopra Presents India Authentic 6: Vishnu’ contains a Dan Dare promo with Gary Erskine’s artwork.

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