Warwick Fraser-Coombe’s powerful Revenger: Friendly Fire available now

Warwick Fraser-Coombe has just released a collection of Revenger: Friendly Fire, the powerful follow up to Revenger: The Shadow Constabulary, which he launched back in 2015.

Longtime readers of downthetubes may recall Tony Esmond’s enthusiastic review of the first book, a mature readers graphic novel dripping with action and mayhem, all beautifully drawn but pulling no punches when it comes to “grindhouse” violence.

Revenger: Friendly Fire

The Shadow Constabulary is also a savage commentary on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the plight of the servicemen and women returning home to find themselves often ignored by the society they fought for.

In Friendly Fire, a 60-page graphic novel, following a murderous rampage against organised crime that was led astray by corrupt government agencies who had subverted his agenda to their own ends, Roger Blandy, the psychotic and completely delusional vigilante known as the Revenger, has tortured and killed a British Member of Parliament and gone on the run.

Now, wanted as a terrorist, he finds himself hunted by the establishment he once served, his enemies and a host of international intelligence groups.

Estranging himself from his family for their own protection, Roger has fled underground and vanished. Wandering the streets of London as an anonymous homeless man, he continues to wage a secret war against his former handlers known as The Shadow Constabulary.

Today is his Daughter’s Birthday…

Both Revenger: The Shadow Constabulary, and Revenger: Friendly Fire are available direct from Warwick Fraser-Coombe here – please note, these titles are only UK orders, due to ongoing issues with international shipping caused by Brexit | Mature Readers Only

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