2000AD-inspired zine Sector 13 Issue 5 to get Enniskillen Comic Fest Launch

Sector 13 Issue 5 - CoverThe fifth issue of the 2000AD-inspired zine Sector 13, offering a great mix of strips, will get its launch at Enniskillen Comic Fest this weekend. At over 40 pages, this is the biggest issue of the anthology not-for-profit zine yet, offering a  mixture of colour and black and white strips.

Produced by the Sector House 13 fan group based in Belfast with the aim of encouraging and supporting new writers and artists, the zine is created with the assistance of the cosplayers, artists and writers from within the group and further afield.

While the editor is Peter Duncan, he considers the title is very much a team effort, with an editorial team built around a core group including Peter, Laurence McKenna and Simon McKnight.

This issue comes with a cover featuring Cosplayer Ella McKnight in a photograph enhanced by 2000AD cover artist Adam Brown. The use of cosplayers on the cover and in the opening story in each issue of Sector 13 continues this time round but is taken a little further.

The title’s ongoing photostory, “When I Lost Control” is continued in two further tales, “Interlude” painted by Donna Anita Black and “The Long Walk” with art by Scott Twells, alongside six other stories set in the worlds of 2000 AD

"When I Lost Control" by Laurence McKenna, Peter Duncan, featuring the Sector House 13 Cosplayers

When I Lost Control” by Laurence McKenna, Peter Duncan, featuring the Sector House 13 Cosplayers is another tale set around Sector 13 and the Judges who operate from it.

Sector 13 Issue 5 - The Lament of Gravalax

In “The Lament of Gravlax“, the Zquidians are Earth bound, and ready to harvest. But it’s modern times and there are new regulations. What could possibly go wrong? Story and Art by Cat Byrne.

Sector 13 Issue 5 - Judge Whatley

In “Judge Whatley” , when ancient gods menace Mega-CIty-One. who ya gonna call? Judge Whatley! Script by Peter Duncan, art by Joseph V Parangue. Judge Whatley logo by Patrick Brown

Sector 13 Issue 5 - "Gronks: The Gronk With No Name"

Gronks: The Gronk With No Name“: A Gronk walked Into a bar… It can only be another story from writer Alan Holloway, with art by Ed Day!

Sector 13 Issue 5 - Interlude

Interlude“: Judge McBride muses on Knight’s much wider implications for all of Sector 13. Script by Peter Duncan., art by Donna Anita Slack

Sector 13 Issue 5 - TheTerror of Titus Tower

The Terror of Titus Tower“: There’s something in Titus Tower. It’s too much for the PSI Judges, so call Judge Morrin… Script by Mark Keenan, art by Morgan Brinksman

Sector 13 Issue 5 - Revengers: Deadend! (Some Assembly Required)

Revengers: Deadend! (Some Assembly Required)“: Delivered by wire transfer from Eire City one and not Intended to cash In an a big movie release. No sir! Davy Francis would never do that…

Sector 13 Issue 5 - The Long Walk

The Long Walk“… Following events In Sector 13, Judge Knight is alone, but even in the Cursed Earth there are people who need his help. Story by The Parlour Posse and James McBride, script by Peter Duncan, art by Scott Twells, lettered by Patrick Brown

• If you’re not at Enniskillen Comic Fest, Sector 13 Issue Five can be pre-ordered here for £7 including delivery via Paypal (Sector13@boxofrainmag.co.uk).

• For full details visit www.boxofrainmag.co.uk/sector-13 | The Sector 13 fanzine is also on Facebook here

Enniskillen Comic Fest

2000AD © Rebellion Publishing Ltd

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