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Typical Errors in English is a web site and book,  a collection of English language mistakes (usually) made by students studying English as a second language, and even by the occasional native speaker – but author and cartoonist ​Roger Hartopp, who set up the site, is also a comics fan and has published a smashing short overview of much of British comics history – and the first part of an interview with Irmantas Povilaika, publisher of  the two The POWer Pack of Ken Reid collections.

Typical Errors in English - Site

A British expat who lives in Krakow where he teaches English, Roger is planning to run a series of articles on British comics – there’s still plenty to cover, including girls comics, for example – and Irmantas’ Ken Reid books.

As for those English errors his site and book is largely devoted to, Roger notes that often there are no easy explanations as to why they are errors (and the fact native speakers often do the same thing), but TEE will tell you, often in an unconventional and fun way.

​As well as some examples of errors that are both new and from the book, there are also several other features you will find only here on his site: quizzes, extra articles, questions, grammar queries, cartoons, and links to other useful sites.

“​Like the book, the site does not want to be too serious – after all, English grammar can be a very dull and boring subject,” says Roger, “and we want to make it fun with some additional cartoons, jokes and generally funny comments.”

Typical Errors in English - SiteRead Roger’s article “UK culture: the story of British comics”and the first part of his interview with Irmantas here

Read our review of The POWer Pack of Ken Reid books | Volume One available here from Forbidden Planet | Volume One and Two direct from the Publisher

•   Typical Errors in English is available to order online – details here | Youi may be able to order it from your local book shop, too – ISBN  978-83-61678-72-4 (sadly not listed on Amazon or other web portals) | 20 Page Free Sampler here


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