‘Tis “But A Dream”… of the 1990s, in comics!

But a Dream - CoverReady to take a trip back to the 1990s, a decade when The Detectives was riding high in the TV ratings, Tony Blair was the new Prime Minister, Virgin Megastores were on every high street, and Bruce Willis was shaking up his image with Twelve Monkeys… and the Power Rangers were exploding onto out screens?

Well, But A Dream! should be right up your street, then, a new one man anthology – and collection of comics from that decade by David Robertson, whose work we’ve featured here on downthetubes many times.

December 31st, 1994” features a visit from a physical manifestation of the year that is coming to a close. “Neck Hurts” shows a fleeting dozing thought on a train. “Life is But a Dream” is a flight of fancy featuring a talking gorilla and a rocket ship. “P in the Park” concerns two old pals meeting up for a drink in the afternoon.

But a Dream - Cosmic Checkpoint

TV canned laughter intrudes on Benny’s real life in “Bad Show Then”. Bureaucracy in outer space causes frustration in “Cosmic Checkpoint”. The grand science fiction adventure of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is boiled down to one page in “ST: TMP mini”.

But a Dream - Tartan Power Ranger

Dave’s Dre AM Diary” is a series of comics based on dreams. Tony has a successful interview at “Okay Radio”. “Outside” is a science fiction adventure.

But a Dream - New Year

But a Dream - Dave's Dre AM Diary

Known for creating a unique take on the world, most recently with Break the Cake, which reminded Alister Black of Daredevils and Warriors of Harvey Pekar and his groundbreaking work with American Splendor, David offers another splendidly sideways look at the world, available from him now direct.

• But a Dream! by David Robertson, published by Fred Egg Comics, in Dundee, Scotland | Format-book size: 44 pages, 5.83” x 8.27”, Black and White / colour. Available now price £4 here

• Web: www.fredeggcomics.com | Blog: fredeggcomics.blogspot.co.uk | Facebook | Twitter: @fredeggcomics

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