2000AD artist Gary Crutchley joins 100% Biodegradable line-up

A preview page from "A Hope In Hell" by Paul H. Birch and Gary Crutchley (with inks by Mats Engesten, colours by Yal Zamor, and letters by John Robbins).

A preview page from “A Hope In Hell” by Paul H. Birch and Gary Crutchley (with inks by Mats Engesten, colours by Yal Zamor, and letters by John Robbins).


Comic creators Paul H. Birch and 2000AD‘s Gary Crutchley join the line up of the quarterly digital anthology 100% Biodegradable next issue, the title edited by Dave Hailwood and John Kirkham that also features the ongoing WarWorldz Universe story “Death Duty” written by Dave and downthetubes John Freeman, drawn by Brett Burbridge.

“A Hope In Hell” by Paul and Gary (with inks by Mats Engesten, colours by Yal Zamor, and letters by John Robbins) will debut in Issue 9

Gary (who has worked on 2000AD, Death Race and Accent UK’s Zombies) also has another comic out at the moment – WesterNoir, scripted by the equally talented Dave West of Accent UK, which we reviewed recently. You can check out preview pages, or make a purchase here:  http://www.accentukcomics.com/WesterNoir.html

100% Biodegradable Issue 6 CoverSubmissions to 100% Biodegradable are closed until August 2015 (full guidelines here), to allow the team to work through the backlog of submissions, but they when they re-open, they’ll be looking for self-contained sci-fi, fantasy, horror and adventure strips, one – six pages in length.  Twist in the Tale strips are a popular feature as are stories with entertaining larger than life characters and scenarios. Completed strips (as opposed to scripts) are preferred, and stand a much greater chance of being accepted. You’re advised to avoid:  Zombies (“We already have more than enough of those, thanks,” says Dave), people going into crrrazy Virtual Reality worlds (“unless there’s a really original twist involved”), stories in which “a bunch of soldiers mindlessly shoot things … but in space!”

All contributors receive a free digital copy of the comic their strip appears in, and retain the rights to their work.  If their strip also features in the Print On Demand collection (currently in development), this will be made available to the contributors at cost price.

• 100% Biodegradable is available from Comicsy.co.uk/biomekazoik | DriveThru Comics | Comixology | Official web site: http://biomekazoik.blogspot.co.uk | Facebook 

• SAVE NOW! Until the end of May 2015, all issues of 100% Biodegradable are 15% off, as part of Drivethru’s Sci-fi sale: http://www.drivethrucomics.com/scifimonth.php

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