Hibernia’s latest Fleetway Files collection revives “The Indestructible Man”

Independent publisher Hibernia Comics has just released its second Fleetway Files collection, The Indestructible Man, by Scott Goodall MBE and Jesus Blasco, first published in the short-lived JAG comic in 1968/69.

Wrongly entombed in the ancient pyramids of Egypt for millenia, former Captain of the Pharaohs guard awakens as Mark Dangerfield in 1960’s Britain. Transformed by the secrets of the ancients Dangerfield uses his powers to bring justice to the nefarious Skin Men, The Black Avenger, The Badger and others in this fast paced and high octane never-before-reprinted story.

While not as well known as “The Steel Claw”, which ran in Valiant, “The Indestructible Man” offers the same excitement as that strip and of course features Blasco’s incredible artwork, and this 84-page softback collection features every episode plus the three stories from the JAG annuals.

This is the second in Hibernia’s ‘Fleetway Files’ series, and, as usual the team have done an absolutely cracking job restoring the original pages for this outing. The work they put into reviving these gems is truly admirable, and the story is a fun adventure, too – a character surely deserving revival as part of the Vigilant universe, although that sadly seems to be on hiatus.

The first collection, The Angry Planet, is currently sold out, so don’t miss out – get the Indestructible Man, while you can.

You can order The Indestructible Man for just £10.49 directly from the publisher via Comicsy here

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