“A-Force”, a new action squad, debuts in Commando

Commando Issues 5275 - 5278Brand new issues of DC Thomson‘s war comic Commando (Issues 5275 – 5278) are on sale in all good newsagents tomorrow, Thursday 31st October – and from various digital platforms.

This batch of releases not only sees zombies stalk the pages of one issue, as previously reported, but the debut of the “A-Force“, an all-new, modern action team from writer Ferg Handley and artist Carlos Pino, who are pitched straight into a deadly mission from the get go!

Before we launch into issue by issue details, here’s some promotional art, sans mastheads etc…

Commando 5276: Gold Collection - Castle Sinister - Promo Art

Commando 5277: Action and Adventure - Commandos Vs Zombies Promo Art

Commando 5278: Silver Collection - Death’s Head Promo Art

Commando Issues 5275 – 5278 ISSUE BY ISSUE

Commando 5275: Home of Heroes - A-ForceCommando 5275: Home of Heroes – A-Force
Story: Ferg Handley | Art and Cover: Carlos Pino

From the mind that brought you ‘Ramsey’s Raiders’ comes ‘A-Force’! A modern day Commando following the exploits of Jack Ramsey, Grandson of Captain Jimmy Ramsey of Ramsey’s Raiders fame.

Given a crew of his own, operating behind enemy lines, fighting terrorists — can Jack live up to his grandfather’s reputation or will he be trapped living in his shadow?

Commando 5276: Gold Collection - Castle SinisterCommando 5276: Gold Collection – Castle Sinister
Story: CG Walker | Art: CT Rigby | Cover: Penalva
Originally Commando No. 753 (1973)

It’s 1944, and the Odd Bod Squad are pushing into Germany with the rest of the Allied invasion. Little do they know that some diabolical Germans have a last ditch plan to halt the invasion once and for all with something called the ‘Red Death Virus’.

The virus is so deadly it could kill a person before they finished their final breath. And where were they developing this virus? In Castle Sinister, of course!

Commando 5277: Action and Adventure - Commandos Vs ZombiesCommando 5277: Action and Adventure – Commandos Vs Zombies
Story: Georgia Standen Battle | Art: Vicente Alcazar | Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando goes Horror for Halloween! A routine raid on a heavy water plant in Norway goes horrifically awry for a team of Commandos when they come face to face with a horde of flesh-eating zombies!

A Commando issue of firsts, the Halloween issue features the first Commando comic to push the limits of art and production with edge to edge art, where the only bleeds come from the zombies!

Read more about this story here on downthetubes and view a flick through of some of the pages here on Twitter thanks to writer Georgia Standen Battle!

Commando 5278: Silver Collection - Death’s HeadCommando 5278: Silver Collection – Death’s Head
Story: John Paterson | Art: Garijo | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 2914 (1995)

A gang of ruthless SS Death’s Head soldiers led by a savage officer called Karl Schwarz are on the loose in Bavaria, hunting and killing whoever they please. On their trail is a Wehrmacht Oberleutnant named Werner Lang, whose life depends on him catching them! If he doesn’t, he’ll be up in front of an American firing squad on the charge of murder…


The Art of Ian Kennedy - Cover• Official Commando Comics Site: www.commandocomics.com

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