Accent UK’s “Thaddeus Mist” gains wider distribution

Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?

(With thanks to Owen Michael Johnson): Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?, a terrific anthology book published by AccentUK to much praise last year, is now available on Amazon.

At the funeral of her mysterious and eccentric husband, widow Zelda mourns for the man she never knew: Thaddeus Mist kept a lifetime of secrets. She confronts each guest in search of the truth but flawed memory and imagination moulds the tales told: grave robbing, cannibalism, murder in the jungle. Seven stories, seven different men. These confessions disgust, inspire, and scare her, but it falls to Zelda to decide – Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?

Thaddeus Mist by Mo Ali

Thaddeus Mist by Mo Ali


Edited by Owen Michael Johnson, this gothic novel centres on a burial in eight bold parts, and features the work of several comic creators, including writers David West, Mark Douglas, Benjamin Dickson, Max Deacon, Jim Schmitzer and Andrew Cheverton and artists Marleen Lowe, Conor Boyle, Steve Howard, Mark Penman, Leonardo, Nicola Patten, Rhys L Reed and Jack Tempest.

Thaddeus Mist by Conor Boyle


Conor Boyle is the main artist on the book, with a narrative written by Owen framing the other stories, and overseeing the art direction on the book, in order to make sure the transitions and stories meshed together correctly.

“Produced for Accent UK, this was a monstrously ambitious undertaking, a Victorian period concept anthology and mystery tale influenced by the great works of English literature,” says Owen. “Through it I worked with and befriended a plethora of intensely talented creators who I am proud to call collaborators. The book has become somewhat hard to find. Hopefully [its distribution on Amazon] will remedy that.”

Who on Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? – Accent UK Page


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