Accent’s "Fastest Man" one shot goes on sale

Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man coverAccent UK‘s latest one shot, Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man?, which has picked up glowing reviews from all who read review copies, is now available in all those UK comic stores which ordered it.

Co-written and created by Dave West and Marleen Lowe, the book is the first of Accent’s Blessed/Cursed imprint, and deals with the duality of any special ability… there will always be a downside. Over on, Glenn Carter described it as “a very early contender for the strongest indie comic of 2009.” while Jim Schwitzer ( described the story itself as “outstanding,” but the art “is just as impressive.

“Although the comic is black and white, there is a distinct difference when Lowe draws the people frozen in time and when they are active.” (More reviews here on the Accent web site)

It’s difficult for stores to judge new comic books and, in the current economic climate, these unknown books often lose out to the major company crossover events that litter the Diamond catalogue. Indeed, the chances are then that if you can’t find a copy in your local it’s because they either ordered too few, or none at all. So, if you want to read a copy then it’s down to you to help them out a little by asking them to order you a copy, which they can do through Diamond as usual.

Stores outside of the UK should be getting their copies in the coming week.

In another piece of good news for one of Britain’s enthusiastic indie comic publishers, who are based in Cheshire, Brazil’s Gal Editora are currently in discussions with Accent UK to publish a Portuguese version of the book for Brazilian stores – but that isn’t expected to be released until September 2010.

View sample pages of Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man? on the Accent UK web site

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  1. I was lucky in getting some copies awhile back, for doing a review that must’ve particularly struck Mister Dave West’s fancy.
    This is a wonderful, wonderful work, and I think everyone should check it out. Please don’t let it get lost in the shuffle.

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