Thunderbirds Aren’t Go: Sylvia Anderson cancels nationwide tour

Fans of Gerry Anderson’s 1960s cult puppet show Thunderbirds are downhearted that Lady Penelope, aka Sylvia Anderson, has pulled out of a nationwide tour – citing lack of interest.

Sylvia, now in her 80s, was to have been in conversation at several venues across the UK with composer and record producer David Courtney, to talk about her long-awaited biography My Fab Years and her time working on some of Britain’s best-loved children’s shows, from the early ‘Supermarionation’ days of Thunderbirds, for which she provided the voice of superspy Lady Penelope, and live action series Space:1999 and UFO.

The cancellation comes despite what we’re told were strong sales at some venues: downthetubes say her agent claims that there hadn’t been enough interest in the tour.

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