Adam Eterno art on sale on eBay

Three pages of Adam Eterno art by Solano Lopez are currently on sale on eBay.

All three pieces are from the Peter Hansen IPC Archive Collection, who bought IPC’s entire archive of art some years back, and are all from Lion and Thunder No 1039, cover dated 3rd June 1973, in which Adam Eterno arrives on a Carribean island to battle injustice during the Festival of Xahu.

Immortal time-travelling Adam Eterno first appeared in Thunder comic in 1970, but proved such a popular character he survived several title mergers as Thunder merged with Lion after just 22 issues in 1971, then Valiant with Lion in 1974 (becoming Lion and Valiant). His last official appearance to date – albeit a reprint – was in the 1980 Valiant annual.

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