Alex Ronald’s Red Sands Resurrrected

At the end of 1994 Alex Ronald, who’s also a member of the downthetubes forum, wrote and drew Red Sands, his first comic, with the intention of getting noticed by 2000AD.

One year later, he was a regular artist for the comic, including drawing Judge Dredd for the weekly title.

For the last ten years Alex, whose career includes work as a storyboard artist for TV projects at Axis and Absolute Digital Pictures, has been working in CG, designing 3D characters and environment models for TV commercials and video games.

Most recently, he’s been painting magazine covers and promotional art for Dundee-based Ruffian Games in Dundee as well as concept art for indy film studios Black Camel Pictures and Mothcatcher Films.

“Since last year I’ve been veering back toward illustration having landed concept art commissions,” he says. “I’ve been bitten by the drawing bug again and plan to try comics again next year in a small press way. Checking out what other like minded folk are up to and hoping their enthusiasm will keep my batteries charged.”

Now, Alex’ Red Sands has been posted online as a free-to-view comic over at, an enthralling tale of colonists, tyrants and anti-heroes set in a futuristic ‘gold rush’.

“Alex has kindly let me put Red Sands on the website,” Starscape publisher Chris Smillie told downthetubes. “It’s free to view online, download or, if you want the printed copy, there’s a cheap version (£1.49) to buy too.”

Myebook - Red Sands 1 - click here to open my ebookYou can also view it right here, thanks to

Starscape Online
Download the Red Sands CBR

Buy the Red Sands print edition from

Alex Ronald’s Official Blog
Alex Ronald’s deviantart page
Alex Ronald’s page on downthetubes forum

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