“Assault on Fortress Doom” stirs memories of classic war comics

Assault on the Fortress of Doom -

Just released by its talented creators – London writer Lex McDonald and Uruguayan artist Edgard MachiavelloAssault on Fortress Doom is an original, 172 page, full colour, World War Two set action/adventure graphic novel – and it looks terrific.

Anyone who hankers for the days of classic British comics such as Warlord and Valiant will love this – and if we’re showing our age, then think “bastard offspring of Star Wars and Where Eagles Dare“, and you should have a good idea of what to expect.

Still bemused? Then why not watch the trailer?

Assault on Fortress Doom tells the epic story of the greatest secret mission in history. It’s a mind-blowing mash-up of the war comics of yesteryear, the modern action/ adventure films we’ve all grown up watching and those awesome WW2 movies you fell in love with on rainy Sunday afternoons.

It does not feature zombie stormtroopers.

Assault on the Fortress of Doom - Cable

Assault on the Fortress of Doom - Viper

The story opens on 7th May 1945. Hitler is dead and the world prepares to celebrate victory in Europe… but for a tiny band of courageous commandos the battle to save mankind from extermination has only just begun. Less than two hours remain until rogue Nazi General Wolfgang Von Khan launches titanic doomsday device Goliath – and so begins a rip-roaring, race-against-time with compelling characters, thrills around every corner and no small amount of humour to offset the pulse-pounding tension.

This entire project came about after Lex – a former script reader for Working Title films, who modestly describes himself “a day-dreaming IT project manager/writer” – and trained architect turned comic book artist Edgard Machiavello “met” on DeviantArt in 2011.

Somewhat bizarrely, they have never actually spoken, having written the entire comic via 2033 emails.

Assault on the Fortress of Doom - Submarine

Assault on Fortress Doom is a shrapnel ridden love-letter to death defying dog-fights,” enthuses Lex McDonald, who, like Edgard, is making his comics debut with this book.

“It’s got secret gadgetry that’s years ahead of its time; fights on top of cable-cars and stiff upper lips. It explores themes of heroism, sacrifice, the fate of nations and the many different ways to blow up Nazis…and while it revels in gung-ho action, there is – spoiler alert – a subversive twist.”

As soon as I saw trained architect turned comic book artist Edgard Machiavello’s impressive visuals, I was hooked, but who else might buy Assault on the Fortress of Doom?

“Our target demographic is people 10 and over who love history,” says Lex. “War stories, old-fashioned adventure… and more action than you can shake a stick at!”

Assault on Fortress Doom is currently available to buy on Kickstarter until 3rd December 2015 here

• For more information visit: www.assaultonfortressdoom.com

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