Awesome Comic Podcast Episode 17 Hallowe’en Special: Redshift Press

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Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond are joined by the guys from Redshift Press this week for their latest and hugely-popular small press podcast. Chris Sides and Chris Travell are marking out a big old creepy cave in the area of horror comics and chat it up in the pod’s Halloween Special, which offers a real insight into what is needed to organise a cracking horror anthology like Dark Matter or a chilling one off disturbing comic like Whispering Sands (which they are launching at Thought Bubble this year, reviewed here). We also get an exclusive announcement about possible changes at Redshift Towers!

The chat turns to what makes a good horror comic and why they seem so influenced by movies. Just how do the two mediums differ and how difficult it is to make a good comic full of horror and pacing? The guys also pick some of their favourite examples of this difficult to pull off genre.

The guys also talk about Nottingham Comic Convention and some embarrassing antics in the pub afterwards and we also get a bag full of roving reporting from the event that includes conversations with Sarah Dunkerton (MULP), Jon Laight (Brethren Born), Christian Wildgoose (Briar) and Rob Jones (Madius Comics).

Tony also says the word ‘Dildo’ a few times. (He is sorry about that.)

Along with all this, the guys announce the winners of the Alan Moore and Electricomics competition, list some great upcoming comics events and recommend some new books you should be reading.

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