2000AD Thrill-Cast celebrates Scream!

A new episode of the 2000AD Thrill-Cast dropped recently, celebrating the disinterment of Scream!, the creepy – if short-lived – IPC comic from back in the mists of time. The horror title’s 40th anniversary is being marked with the release of 40 Years of Scream!, a massive 464-page collection of strips, on 22nd May.

The Thrillcast team dug up editor Ian Rimmer, sub-editor and writer Simon Furman, and SFX editor and Scream! reader Darren Scott to talk about the history of the short-lived title and its enduring influence, “and waffle on we did”, says Simon.

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Plus, if if Hogwarts is the posh magical school, where do the comprehensive pupils go? We gain an education in conjuration with Lowborn High writer David Barnett and artist Mike Walters, talking about the all-ages series that’s getting its first collection.

Was this the CREEPIEST comic ever? – The 2000AD Thrill-Cast

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40 Years of Scream!
Writers: Gerry Finley-Day, Simon Furman, Alan Grant, Alan Moore, Ian Rimmer, Tom Tully, John Wagner et al
Artists: Eric Bradbury, Cam Kennedy, Jose Ortiz et al
Out: Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Hardcover, 464 Pages
ISBN: 978-1837861071

Check out our exclusive previews of 40 Years of Scream! here and here

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