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Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 87

OK, I admit it – I’m well behind on the terrific Awesome Comics Podcast now. Again. So behind, key contributor and fellow DTT contributor Tony Esmond has threatened to get his cane out, and I’m not chancing that. So without further ado, what have the audio-tastic rascals been up to recently?

Well, it turns out rather a lot. I particularly recommend the chat with comic creator Jay Gunn, creator of the stunning graphic novel Surface Tension, who reveals more about his exciting follow-up project. It’s a great listen!

(As usual, be aware that the boys on occasion don’t hold back on the adult language in these podcasts, but there’s some great stuff about the comics process to be heard!)

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 81: Comics Journalism

Comics journalism rarely gets a spotlight on it, but this week the Awesome Pod guys – Dan Butcher, Tony Esmond and Vince Hunt – are joined by Gary Watson of Comics Anonymous to discuss the highs, lows and more of the part of comics that can make, break and infuriate when it comes to the medium we all love.

There’s talk of responsible reviews, press releases, pushy creators, clickbait links and so much more. There’s also plenty of chat about some awesome books to check out, upcoming events, handy reference drawing tools and the best name for a journalist ever is created.

Plus the out take is not for the squeamish and completely NSFW… at all. Seriously. You have been warned.

Highlighted: Comics Anonymous, Gary Watson, The United, The Beauty, Serial Killer (Ream Em and Weep Book 1), Vietnam Zombie Holocaust, Grinidon, Supernaut

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 82: Convention Talk

This pod, Vince, Dan and Tony are talking about conventions again, and with True Believers Comic Festival and rope in one of the organisers, Stuart Mulrain, to join in on the fun. Theres talk about the perils of putting together a show, getting name guests and also supporting the indies at the same time.

Also discussed are some great books you need to check out, Marvel and DC audio plays and so much more. It’s an epic chat that gets you all set up for another year of convention going. Don’t miss it!

Highlighted: True Believers Comic Festival, True Believers twitter, Map of Days, The Making of a Comic Con, Boxes 2, Too Much Coffee Man, Something Terrible

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 83: Pop Culture Rumble 

Pop Culture Rumble

In a deviation from the usual format, the ACP gang are joined by Stacey Taylor of the Pop Culture Parlour and they’re all talking movies, tv and animation all based on comic books! There’s talk of some brilliant stuff everyone loves, hates and not only that, but listeners have voted on whose choice is best! It’s a fun filled episode thats filled with so much awesome the team almost couldn’t fit it all in!

Highlighted: Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour Podcast

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 84: Indie Comics Talk!

After some time spent at conventions and more, the ACP gang sit down to focus on some fantastic small press and indie books they’ve been reading recently. From highly personal bio comics to gender reversals of classic characters and even psychedelic mind-bending sequentials, there’s something for everyone to check out on this episode!

Plus there’s talk of everyone’s personal X-Men team, another Dan Butcher dictionary corner moment, Tony mutes himself and Vince increasing sounds more bunged up as the episode goes on. See? Something for everyone!

Highlighted: Wired Up Wrong, Rachael Smith, Surface Tension, Jay Gunn, Epilogue, SJ McCune, Galaxafreaks, Robyn Hood, Blue Fox Comics, The Sheep and the Wolves, Nick Prolix, Heretics

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 85: 40 Years of Thrill Power 

After visiting the 40th Anniversary of 2000AD festivities, the Awesome Pod sit down to discuss the day. There’s discussion of the events organisation, the guest, visitors, panels and more. Plus theres a couple of extra bits of audio from the day to make you chuckle.

There’s also an interview with life drawing tutor Jason Atomic.

Highlighted: 2000AD, Pat Mills, Serial Killer, Jason Atomic, Ghost Island, Ro-Busters

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 86: Surface Tension

Surface Tension #4

Sometimes you just want to find out more about a book, and this week the ACP trio talk to Jay Gunn about one of their favourite recent books Surface Tension.

There’s discussion about the thoughts behind the epic far out concept, Jay’s time in the video game industry, his influences and his experience pitching and working with a big publisher on his first comic book

Theres’ also talk about a great variety of amazing books to try out, talk of 1970s and 80s sci-fi TV, Guy N. Smith, Jackie Chan, Coal Miners, zombie fatigue and so much more.

It’s an episode not to be missed.

Highlighted: Jay Gunn, Surface Tension, Titan Comics, Ed Traquino, Frenzied, Realm of the Damned, Alec Worley, Pye Parr, Scout, Tim Truman, Jiro Taniguchi, A Zoo in Winter, Film Reroll, The Once and Future Queen

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 87: Real Life Issues in Comics (with Susie Gander)

Comics are a powerful medium and in the right hands can truly help people through tough times. The Awesome Pod crew are joined in this episode by Susie Gander, whose brilliant semi-autobiographical comic Perry Winkle not only helped her as she battled cancer, but is helping others too.

She’s also got the same sense of humour as the ACP gang, so there are crazy jokes and laughs flying in all directions!

It’s a brilliant conversation that you come to expect from the show, informative, educational and stocked full of ridiculous chuckles.

Plus there’s an added bonus of two hilarious out takes from Dan’s dictionary corner. Don’t miss it!

Highlighted: Susie Gander, Perry Winkle, Auschwitz, Sarah Andersen, Adulthood is a Myth, Planet of the Daemons #3, Deep Space Canine, Worry Wart, The Fix #8, A Place to Hang Your Cape

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