Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 18: A Chat With “Night Post” Artist Laura Trinder

Awesome Comics Podcast: Laura TrinderThe boys of The Awesome Comics Podcast try their best to behave and, let’s be honest, fail miserably whilst talking to super talented artist Laura Trinder. The artist on the Improper Books release Night Post, written by Benjamin Read, Laura has jumped up everyone’s order of favourite creator in the last few months.

As we revealed a while back, Night Post is a wordless children’s book about a postman who cycles about during the night delivering parcels to all manner of ghosts, monsters and ghoulies. It is richly detailed and an absolute joy to read.

Laura talks about her craft and the creation of Night Post which everyone was stunned to hear is her first full length comic. She also talks about comics workshops she gives for children.

The episode also sees Dan Butcher’s original twitter handle (and it’s amazing), Vince Hunt lets slip his past character comparison, Tony Esmond gets upset that the show will never have a guest from Geordie Shore and Laura reveals that one of the hosts has given her nightmares! It’s a refreshing sorbet of a show!

Plus, everyone reviews and previews upcoming small press books and webcomics and we get a list of upcoming UK Comics Events. Mentioned in this episode are: Laura Trinder, Night Post, Improper Books, Laura’s Halloween Drawing Workshops, Curveball, No Brow Press, Jeremy Sorese, Satan Ninja 198X, Haylestorm Comics, Dark House Anthology, Kev Brett, Space Dumplins, Craig Thompson, Imelda and the Goblin King, Flying Eye Books, Kill Screen Kickstarter, The Awesome Comics gang get killed in Vanguard!, A Place to Hang Your Cape, Pipedream Comics, Random Trials, Dean Beattie, Turbo Kid, Kung Fury, Paradox Girl, Nimona and Noelle Stevenson

In an extended ‘Shout Outs’ section the boys also thank a few recent creators, congratulate Matt and Natasha on their engagement and a call goes out for new reviewers at this very site.

There is also a bit of chat about poop – you have been warned.

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• You can find Laura at and on Twitter @xbirdyblue

• Get yourself over to and grab a copy of Night Post or head to the Sequential Comics App and download a copy or anything else by the mighty Improper Books

If you have a small press book that you think the guys would like then why not send it into them at

Many thanks for reading.

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