Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 20: Starting Out and Breaking Into the Comics Industry

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 20

In a change to the usual format, the Awesome Comics Podcast gang sit down to talk about another topic – starting out making comics, how things have changed over the years –  and their first returning guest pops in to talk about it with them. The podcast includes some some handy advice on building relationships with bigger comic book publishers.

Add to that, three tired hosts ready to rant and jabber on and you’ve got the recipe for another hilarious episode of comic book chat! Tony Esmond tells you a story that will change the way you say Tom Baker forever, everyone discovers what Dan Butcher thinks but never says and Vince Hunt is exposed for being a lazy editor.

Oh, and theres’ a bunch of out takes at the end of the episode, if you like that sort of ridiculous nonsense then be sure to stay til the end.

WARNING: There are a little more naughty words on this episode than usual. The hosts would tell you its because they’re tired, but, let’s face it we all know they’re disgraceful human beings. Still…it’s a show not to be missed!

Mentioned in this episode are:  Avery Hill PublishingI Love This PartThe Last Days of SummerTillie WaldenBertie Bear  Sgt SteelAndy CliftGirls Like YouVikerrieous LetteringKerrie SmithLast Sons of AmericaBoom! StudiosDruid Investigations KickstarterAssault on Fortress DoomShaun DobieJohn AllisonGiant DaysOur SupermomAirboyHorus RisingSentient Zombie Space PigsDisconnected Press and Asterix and the Missing Scroll

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