Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 62: Writer Kevin Gunstone

The Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 62 with Kevin Gunstone, the writer behind Future Primitive and the brilliant new series from Amigo ComicsPlanet of Daemons is available to listen to, for free, now.

Art for the cover of Planet of Daemons #4

Kevin joins the team to talk about how his new demonic title came to be, what influences him as a writer and so much more. He also reveals stories from his writing past for Marvel and Image, what brought him back to comics after a hiatus and his own process when it comes to writing dialogue. 

It’s a fascinating look into world building and story telling, not to mention a lot of talk about a great new series you have to check out.

The gang also discuss the latest conventions trips they’ve had, pimp some kickstarters, discuss Steven Seagal’s acting prowess, the show gets political, Dan discusses IMPENDING DOOM, Vince loses faith in his Segways and Tony gives us all a #Millarwatch update.

Mentioned in this episode are: Kevin Gunstone, Planet of Daemons, Future Primitive, DIS, Untitled Apes Epic Adventure, Steve Tillotson, Scurry, Mac Smith, Desperate Times, Kel Winser, Empire of Blood, Graphic India, Cognition 2 KS, Ness 2 KS, Afterlife Inc: Man Made God KS, Deer Editor 3 KS, Bartkira, Kathryn Briggs, Triskelion, Bob Turner, DTHRTL, The Penned Guins, Alan Henderson, Lou Scannon, Attic Studios, Bloodfellas and Comics Anonymous

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