Belfast ‘Barcamp" announced for comic creators

Belfast Comic Barcamp 2011

(with thanks to Andy Luke): The date has been confirmed for the second Comics Barcamp in the English speaking world – essentially an “unconference”, a creative business brainstorming seminar, run along communal lines.

To take place at Blick Studios in Belfast in September, who are also co-sponsors of the event,  this free gathering is aimed at anyone who likes. or creates small press/ underground comix or who simply enjoys non-hierarchical events with an emphasis on spirit of creativity, alternatives and co-operation.

“The communal element is essential,” says organiser and comic creator Andy Luke, who has posted more details about the event here on comicsbarcampbelfast, “because if a set number of people don’t take part, barcamp doesn’t happen.

“It relies on advance planning, but has an improvisational element that keeps the energy fresh. It also generally has reverberating effects after the event such as a web-streamed presentations and blogging.

A comic Barcamp is a place where no-one is viewed as the ‘star’ or put on pedestals, where there’s a lack of ‘industry experts’ and a focus on inclusion and giving the underdog and comix small fries a chance to share their experiences and looking at mutual ways to support each other.

“There’s no heavy corporate dominance, dog-eat-dog competition, and no tiny little area to put all the small press and underground comix freaks in to make them feel out of their depth,” Andy explains. “This is an event where everyone is welcomed to contribute, have fun, relax and share collaboratively together in a warm and friendly environment.

• Comics Barcamp will take place on Staurday 3rd September at Blick Studios, Malone Road, Belfast. Barcamp is a free event

• Find out more here:

Andy Luke’s thoughts on Comics Barcamp in 2009

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