Bill Mumy joins Claudia Christian’s “Dark Legacies” project

Babylon 5 and Lost in Space actor Bill Mumy has joined the Dark Legacies multimedia project – and will feature in the comic compendium currently seeking support on the Zoop crowdfunding platform.

June 2024: Bill Mumy has joined the Dark Legacies multimedia project

His arrival in the Dark Legacies universe was announced yesterday, in a special Magical Living podcast with actors Patricia Tallman, Claudia Christian, Bruce Boxleitner, his debut announced by award-winning author Chris McAuley, co-creator of the Dark Legacies universe with Claudia.

Bill Mumy is a multi-talented, prolific artist who entered the arena of professional entertainment at the age of five. He’s worked on over four hundred television shows and is best known by fans around the world for the creation of his memorable roles as the heroic boy astronaut, Will Robinson, on the long running classic series Lost in Space, Anthony Fremont from The Twilight Zone, and Lennier from in the popular science fiction series Babylon 5, which he co-starred in for five years.

Claudia Christian’s Dark Legacies - Banner

Dark Legacies is a science fiction universe created by Chris McAuley and Babylon 5 legend Claudia Christian, set after Earth emerges from a brutal totalitarian regime and looks towards the stars with a renewed sense of hope. However, the dark legacies of the past remain and threaten to drag humanity back to darker times.

Claudia Christian Image: Dark Universes
Claudia Christian Image: Dark Universes

Through a series of novel, comics, games and audio dramas the creative team plan to explore the struggles of Major Jessica Steele, played by Claudia Christian. A special ops commander who has a tortured past. She must uncover the conspiracies which could destroy the heart of the new government as well as reconcile her own demons.

“Although we look towards the future with hope in our series, part of the dramatic tension comes from the legacies of the past – elements attempting to destabilise the newly elected democratic global government,” Claudia has said previously.

“We also explore the legacies which Jessica Steele must contend with as she attempts to investigate the approaching danger. Jessica has a painful past but she doesn’t wallow in it or let melancholy overwhelm her. She dedicates herself to ensuring that humanity doesn’t step backwards into totalitarianism again.”

Author Chris McAuley
Chris McAuley

The franchise will also encompass stories which show the timeline of the political revolution between the dictatorial Con-Fed government and the democratic United Planetary Alliance.

“Battles in Mech suits, sieges of planetary colonies, betrayal, hope and epic space battles. This is a series which should resonate with fans of Babylon 5 and contemporary sci-fi such as The Expanse“, Chris enthuses.

A writer who specialises in the Horror, Science Fiction, fantasy and crime genre, Chris McAuley has been the lead writer in novels, comics, audio dramas and games. He is the co-creator of the popular StokerVerse, along with Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker and penned the sequel to Dracula, Dracula The Return: Cult of The White Worm, which will be released by Scratch Comics later this year, after a successful crowdfunding campaign. He has also created a science fiction and fantasy franchise with Babylon 5’s Claudia Christian called Dark Legacies.

Chris has also worked on products from the Star Trek, Doctor Who and Terminator franchises.

Claudia Christian’s Dark Legacies – The Compendium Edition

Working with Claudia Christian, Dark Legacies is fast developing into a wide ranging science fiction universe, currently being fleshed out and coming along nicely as a series of audio dramas, games, novels, and comics.

The latest project, currently seeking crowdfunding, is an exclusive deluxe collected edition of the first two chapters of Dark Legacies, an edition solely for supporters on Zoop that will never go on general release and will feature exclusive art and rewards for supporters, including a brand new cover by Si Chinook.

Featuring the artistic talents of Marvel, DC and 2000AD artists Staz Johnson and Glenn Fabry, and the likenesses of almost the whole surviving cast of Babylon 5, including Bruce Boxleitner, Patricia Tallman, Walter Koenig and Peter Jurasik, this ZOOP Exclusive Edition brings over 48 pages of adrenaline fueled action to readers – and offers a brand new ZOOP exclusive cover.

Claudia Christian’s Dark Legacies - The Compendium Edition - cover by Si Chinook

This deluxe compendium edition will also include previously unseen behind the scenes bonus material from Glenn Fabry.

Check out the Claudia Christian’s Dark Legacies – The Compendium Edition on Zoop

Edited by Shane Chebsey, Publisher and Editor in Chief at Scratch Comics the Dark Legacies comic is written by Claudia Christian and Chris McAuley, with art by Staz Johnson (Chapter One), Glenn Fabry (Artist Chapter Two) and Chris Stokton on a Back Up Strip; and coloured by Matt Soffe (Main Colour Artist) and John Charles (Back up Colours) | Zoop Exclusive Cover Artist: Si Chinook; Variant Cover Artists: John Tyler Christopher and Alex Ronald

Claudia Christian’s Dark Legacies 01: First Contact (Audio Download)

In a vast new universe, our future is overshadowed by powerful cybernetic-entities…

Check out Patricia Tallman’s Magical Living podcast on YouTube

Bill Mumy is online at | Facebook | Instagram

Check out Dark Legacies on the Dark Universes website

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