Borderliners is a Real Treat for fans of The Prisoner and Phillip K. Dick

Manchester-based writer/artist Brian Gorman‘s second graphic novel, Borderliners: True Realities, was published by Invisible Six Ltd a few months ago. I’m ashamed to confess he handed me a copy last October, but it’s taken me this long to escape The Village (translation: catch up on an inordinate amount of book reading) to mention it on downthetubes.

Which is very remiss of me, because the book is a glorious, quirky and quite mind-bending tale that will appeal to fans not only of The Prisoner and Danger Man, but actors Ian McKellen and Roger Moore, too. I’m sure you’ll agree, after seeing the sample pages featured here, that it’s a title well worth checking out.

The story is a fast-paced adventure with science fiction and psychedelic undertones, that’s influenced by Philip K Dick, The Prisoner TV series and Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright. There are also one or two familiar faces on view, as many of the characters are based on real people. Two of Brian’s favourite actors, Roger Moore and Ian McKellen appear prominently, as the actors very generously gave permission for their likenesses to be used for leading characters.

Brian Gorman. Photo: Shay Rowan

Brian Gorman. Photo: Shay Rowan

Invisible Six is a small publisher on a mission to bring fresh new graphic novels into being and they and Brian and have formed an amazing collaboration and are very excited about this book.

Borderliners is a 96 page paperback, featuring a 70 page story in sequential art, accompanied by “making of” information and a fascinating question and answer interview.

Invisible Six Managing Director, S M Worsey says, “As soon as I saw Brian’s artwork, I knew we had to work together on Borderliners. It was a pleasure to edit and a sign of great things to come.

“Brian’s drawings have an incredible presence and the story incorporates a fascinating mix of action, science fiction and spiritual themes.”

“It was a pleasure to finally get a Borderliners graphic novel out,” says Brian. “It’s a story I’ve been working on for nearly 20 years, and I’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink into it. Fortune favours the brave, as they say!”

The graphic novel has been well received: Starburst Magazine, who gave it a 8/10 in a recent review, describing it as “profound, obscure, weird, confusing, humorous, and entertaining.”

The Unmutual Website (an appreciation site for The Prisoner) review concurred saying “Brian Gorman’s pedigree in terms of content which fans of The Prisoner would enjoy is almost unrivalled”, and “Borderliners – True Realities is a first class piece of work.”

It’s definitely a weird and mind-stretching tale, but one worthy of your time if you’re a fan of any of the influences mentioned.

Brian’s new graphic novel, EVERYMAN: A Celebration of Patrick McGoohan & The Prisoner was also recently launched, appropriately enough at this year’s Portmeiricon, the annual Prisoner event is hosted by Six Of One.

(The event featured Brian performing his one man stage play about the life of McGoohan).

Everyman by Brian Gorman - The schizoid manEveryman by Brian Gorman - Page 64
The new book reprints the 70 page biography (first published a year ago by FBS Publishing Ltd), with an additional 20 pages of all new Prisoner artwork.

Brian is currently drawing a new book, ANIMUS, written by S M Worsey, described as “full of love and rage, about animals fighting back!

Borderliners: True Realities is available to order now from

• It will also be on sale at a number of comic conventions over the coming year. Follow the company’s Facebook page, for news and updates

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