Brighton’s Kino Club premieres Jeff Lint documentary

Alan Moore in LINT THE MOVIEBrighton’s Kino Club will be screening the world premiere of Steve Aylett’s much anticipated and soon-to-be-cult film Lint The Movie this week, based on his books Lint and And Your Point Is? and featuring some well-known comic creators, including Alan Moore.

The complete film is, we’re told, “mind-meltingly brilliant”, documenting the life and work of cult SF author and philosopher Jeff Lint, creator of some of the strangest and most inventive works of the twentieth century. It stars Alan Moore, Steve Aylett, Josie Long, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, D.Harlan Wilson, Jeff Vandermeer, Leila Johnston, Andrew O’Neill, Bill Ectric, Mitzi Szereto, Vessel [David Devant] and others.

Featuring clips from Lint’s books, cartoons, music, comics and films, plus interviews with fans and critics, the film follows Lint’s life from the days of vintage pulp, through his adoption by the psychedelic counterculture and disastrous scripts for Star Trek and Patton; to his status as an enigmatic cult figure.

Never-before-seen archive footage and recordings of Lint himself, and commentary by those who knew and read him, results in a compelling portrait of the creator of Clowns & Insects, Jelly Result, The Stupid Conversation, The Riding On Luggage Show, the CATERER comic, and Catty and the Major, the scariest kids’ cartoon ever aired.

Lint’s was a career haunted by death, including the undetected death of his agent, the suspicious death of his rival Herzog, and the unshakable ‘Lint is dead’ rumours, which persisted even after his death. Like his contemporary Philip K. Dick, he was blithely ahead of his time.

The Kino Club is an independent Brighton based DIY cinema society championing new films, missing gems, perfect double-bills + themed nights of screenings, live music, talks and stalls.

Lint The Movie will premiere on Sunday 26th June, introduced by Lint biographer and film writer/director Mr Steve Aylett, at The Kino Club, West Hill Community Hall, Seven Dials, Brighton (UK), BN1 3PS. It’s five minutes walk from Brighton rail station, on the corner of Buckingham Place & Compton Avenue. Doors open at 7.00 and the film starts at 8.00pm. (Last trains back towards London: 22.04; 22.15; 22.45; 23.02)

Tickets only £5; available online from or from Brighton shops Resident Records (Kensington Gardens) and Dave’s Comics (Sydney Street)

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