Commando’s Half Century

On 27 June 1961 DC Thomson published the first issue of Commando as a response to the combat picture libraries being published by their competitors. Today, some fifty years later, those titles like Battle Picture Library and War Picture Library are long gone but the Eagle Award winning Commando proudly marches on having just passed the 4400 issue mark and it continues to have wings in the air, keels in the ocean and boots on the ground.

This current batch of Commandos includes issue 4404, Misfit Squad, which was specially written as the 50th anniversary issue and includes an introduction by editor Calum Laird.

4403 – The Defector?
Story: Ferg Handley
Inside Art: Keith Page
Cover Art: Keith Page

Lt Levka Kosilev was a man of principle, a man who would repay a debt of honour. The Russian officer had only survived the dark days of World War II thanks to the actions of a brave American corporal and his squad. He knew how much he owed them. Some years later Levka — now an observer with the forces of the North during the Korean War — unexpectedly found himself in a position to settle the debt. To do so, however, he would have to defect. Could he do it?

4404 – Misfit Squad
Story: Mac MacDonald
Inside Art: Carlos Pino
Cover Art: Carlos Pino

Dave, Brian, Pete and Sid were undoubtedly the worst soldiers their C.O. had ever come across. He doubted they would ever get through their basic training. But Sergeant Rod Black thought differently, he could see something in the four that no one else could. And one night in June some 50 years ago he and his misfit squad got the chance to prove him right…or wrong!

4405 – Heads You Win/ Can’t Lose
Story: Cyril Walker
Inside Art: J. Fuente
Cover Art: Penalva
Introduction by Calum Laird, Commando Editor
Originally No 368 (November 1968), re-issued as No 1091 (January 1977)

When Ned Dolan flicked a penny in the air and David Bradford called tails, it looked as though he had signed his own death warrant — for the loser was to become bait for a deadly German sniper. And Dolan had never — but never — lost a toss with this special penny.

4406 – A Stirling Called Satan
Story: R.A. Montague
Inside Art: Mira
Cover Art: Keith Walker
With an introduction by Beano Editor Mike Stirling
Originally No 869 (September 1974), re-issued as No 2159 (February 1988)

It was dead unlucky, that Stirling bomber. Flying low it would catch most of the flak, flying high it was certain to be pounced on by enemy fighters. Every time the crew set off on another mission they wondered if it was going to be their last. Even its number, five-three-five, added up to thirteen…

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• Commando is also available for iPad and iPhone. The apps are free to download through the Apple iTunes App Store and a digital subscription is priced at £4.99 per month, compared to a £99 annual print subscription. For those not sure there are four free issues to download prior to making a purchase.

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