British Comic Creators join in the fun of Hourly Comics Day

Hourly Comics Day 2015 by Sarah McIntyre

One of Sarah McIntyre’s Hourly Comics Day for 2014. She’s posting her 2015 cartoons later today. Art © Sarah McIntyre


Hourly Comics Day took place online yesterday, as it does annually on every the 1st February. You can view the strips created by following the social media hashtag on places like TwitterTumblr and Facebook using the hashtag #HourlyComicsDay. (I use WebSta to search Instgram)

A deviation of Scott McCloud’s 24 Hour Comic concept, Hourly Comics Day is a web meme that was started back in 2006 by cartoonist John Campbell and there’s some history on how it has developed down the years here on KnowYourMeme. (JohnCampbell himself talks about how he came up with the idea here).

Here’s how it works:

1. Draw a comic for every hour you’re awake.

2. Load it onto your blog.

3. If you have access to Twitter, tweet it using the #HourlyComicDay hash tag (or Tumblr, or Instagram)

4. Browse around and see what other people have done! Leave comments, they’ll love it.

“Most people make it about what they’re actually doing in their day, so it’s a slice of life,” notes artist Sarah McIntyre, “but you don’t have to do it that way.

“It’s very informal, no one really runs it, but it’s great fun seeing the other contributions.

Some people tweet each hour as they go and other people save it all up to scan and post the next morning.

If Hourly Comics Day falls on a weekend, some creators draw their strips on the next available work day, which was the case in 2015.

Here’s some of this year’s entries by British and Irish creators we follow on Twitter… Note that we’ve just posted one of many cartoons by some artists, follow their Twitter accounts for all the entries.

Joe Decie

Maura McHugh

Tank Girl artist Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Heather L. Sheppard

Neil Slorance

Marc Ellerby

Hugh Raine’s final Hourly Comic Day cartoon of 2015

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