British Comic Shop Releases (29th April 2015) – Free Comic Book Day Looms, Johnny Nemo storms in!

The Complete Johnny Nemo


It’s going to be a busy week for comic shops across the UK, not only due of today’s delivery of new comics but because they’re readying themselves for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday 2nd May 2015 – the day many specialist comic shops across the UK join with stores across the world to promote our industry by offering a range of free comics to attract, potentially, many new customers.

Talking to Mark Braithwaite, who co-runs First Age Comics in Lancaster, he tells me it’s his busiest day of the year and is hugely supportive of the event. Although I can’t help feeling that the attraction of Free Cake also helps!

As the name implies, Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book specialty shops around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops, although different shops have policies on how many free comics you can receive. But you will receive at least one free comic if you enter a participating shop location. Check with your retailer for their policies and plans for FCBD.

Not every comic book store in the world doing this. Don’t expect your local corner shop or WH Smiths to take kindly to you trying to walk out with the latest Beano or 2000AD (and anyway, there are specific comics that are being given away – and they’re all featured on the official website, along with some preview pages).

This event celebrates the independent comic book specialty shops. Each one is unique in its community, with a style and personality all its own, and each one carries a full line of comics, graphic novels, toys and related products.

Scarlett Couture #1 - Photo Cover

Scarlett Couture #1 – Photo Cover

But before Saturday comes, here’s our list of both British and US comics on sale this week in comic shops (from Wednesday 22nd April 2015), complementing our monthly list of British graphic novel releases (April 2015 release list here).

This week sees some great collections on sale, including The Complete Johnny Nemo by Peter Milligan and the late, great Brett Ewins, both from Titan Comics. Essential for your shelf, whichever dimension it’s in. Also on release from Titan is the first issue of Scarlett Couture by Des Taylor, the first issue in a new four issue mini series.

Marvel’s summer Secret Wars mayhem is coming soon, and several series wrap at the US publisher – while at DC Comics, several British comic creators, including Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade, are working in the new Convergence books there.

DC imprint Vertigo also has an interesting anthology – The Vertigo SFX Quarterly – out this week, and is headlining Peter Milligan’s involvement on that. Following the success of Vertigo’s CMYK Quarterly Anthology, which explored the four colours that make up a comic book, comics luminaries converge with the next generation of talent as they interpret four different sound effects, leading to mind-bending innovations in story and art.

Don’t forget that despite many British publishers lack of faith in full-blown cover to cover comic strip action and humour, there are still comics on sale in newsagents that still delight in bringing you such subversive delights, including The Beano, Commando, Judge Dredd Megazine, Panini’s superhero titles and VIZ, with great strips also featuring in titles such as Doctor Who MagazineDoctor Who Adventures, Titan’s Doctor Who Comic (collecting their strips from the US format titles) Mega, TOXIC and many others.

The Hachette Judge Dredd Collection is also on sale now, but you may now have to subscribe if you want to continue buying it as Part Works are not distributed in newsagents after their first few issues.

Plus, the wonderful Phoenix Comic is on sale in all Waitrose supermarkets as well as available on subscription and through its dedicated iPad app.

British Comic Publishers


2000AD Prog 1928

2000AD Prog 1928

Things get heavy for the guys of the ETC, in GREY AREA, on this choice cover, by series artist, Mark Harrison (Durham Red).

JUDGE DREDD // ENCELADUS: NEW LIFE By Rob Williams and Henry Flint

Mega-City One, 2137 AD. Home to 50 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America, where crime is rampant, poverty and homelessness rife, unemployment endemic and boredom universal. Tensions run a constant knife-edge and only the Judges— empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Now an empty ship has been shot down over the city, having travelled from Enceladus…


East-Meg One, 2100 AD. Four years before he will set in motion the events of Block Mania, and become a notorious enemy of Mega-City One’s Justice Department, ORLOK is a ruthless agent and assassin of the East-Meg Diktatorat. Skilled in stealth, sabotage and subterfuge, he’s a lethal weapon sent on the most dangerous missions — but can he be truly trusted? Now, he’s been charged with securing defecting artist, Jiri Rasputin…

SLÁINE // PRIMORDIAL by Pat Mills and Simon Davis

Albion, in a time of myth and legend. Celtic barbarian warrior SLÁINE united the tribes of the Earth Goddess Danu and became the first High King of Ireland. After ruling for seven years, he travelled through time to fight for the Goddess in other eras before returning to save his people from the Fomorian sea devils. He then became a wanderer, serving the Goddess where she directs him. Now having travelled to the Isle of Monadh to rescue Sinead from the Drune Lords, he’s trying to snap her out of a glamour…

GREY AREA // ANOTHER DAY ON THE JOB By Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison

North America, 2045. The Global Exo Segregation Zone — aka the GREY AREA — is a huge sector in Arizona given over to housing the large number of extra-terrestrial immigrants that arrive on Earth. A massive shanty town that acts as a holding area, it’s policed by Exo Transfer Control squads, heavily armoured cops that patrol and keep the peace amongst the aliens. But right now, Bulliet and co are somewhere else entirely…

STRONTIUM DOG // THE STIX FIX by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

Late 22nd century. After the Atomic Wars, many survivors were warped by the Strontium 90 fallout. These ‘mutants’ became a victimised underclass, forced into ghettos, and the only job open to them was bounty hunting. One such Search/Destroy agent, or STRONTIUM DOG, is Johnny Alpha, who was thought killed. Now, he’s been charged with finding the kidnapped NKD leader Jim Jing Non…

Humanoids Inc.

Swords Of Glass Deluxe Hard Cover


Swords Of Glass Deluxe Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Writer: Sylviane Corgiat Artist/Cover Artist: Laura Zuccheri

In a world threatened by the imminent death of its sun, young Yama lives a relatively happy and peaceful life as the daughter of the chief of the village. But everything changes the day a sword of glass falls from the sky, just as the prophecy had announced. Anyone who touches the sword is instantly turned to glass and dies. Orland, the local lord of war, comes to take possession of the unique weapon but fails to retrieve it. In the process, Yama’s father is killed and her mother taken away. Yama, however, escapes and survives with only one thought: when she grows up, she will return to get the sword of glass, and avenge her parents.


Throne Of Ice Hard Cover


Throne Of Ice Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Writer: Alain Paris Artist: Val & Various Cover Artist: Christian Hojgaard

A heroic fantasy epic and rite of passage tale set in a mythical pre-glacial Antarctica. Antarctica 12,000 years ago – long before it becomes a frozen wasteland – is a thriving territory, divided into the kingdoms of Antarcia, Leng, and Valusia. When Antarcia’s first lady vows to kill Jaemon, the bastard son of King Abarugon, the mysterious Sozer foils the plot and carries the infant to safety. Bearing the mysterious mark of the Atlanteans, Jaemon must unleash his true potential and fulfill both his and the continent’s destinies.

Titan Comics


The Absence Hard Cover

The Absence Hard Cover
Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: Martin Stiff

England, 1946. As a coastal village struggles to recover from the war, it is rocked by the return of a man long hoped dead: the disfigured Marwood Clay. In a place where everybody hides a guilty past and unspeakable past crimes lurk just beneath the surface, what terrible secrets has this exile brought back with him? Clay is consumed by a nightmarish past he cannot remember, and then a young boy vanishes on Christmas Day. Strange occurrences, hidden pasts, and deeply-buried truths.


The Complete Johnny Nemo
Writer: Peter Milligan Artist/Cover Artist: Brett Ewins

The existentialist hitman of the future! New London of 2921 is a crowded, filthy slime-pit awash with Death-Juice junkies, Latin-spouting armored fascists, exploding nuns and a religious cult who worship Bing Crosby’s left testicle. It’s also home to ultra-violent, foul-mouthed private eye Johnny Nemo, a streetwise PI who deals in death and simple solutions to complex problems! This classic, re-mastered collection features never-before-seen art and is the crowning glory of award-winning writer, Peter Milligan and artist Brett Ewins.


It Came Hard Cover

It Came Hard Cover
Writer/Artist/Cover Artist: Dan Boultwood

Fans of B-movie hilarity all over the world have fallen for this love-letter to low-budget SF cinema! Enormous alien robot GRURK lays waste to the bucolic 1950s English countryside. When the British Army proves ineffective, only pipe-chomping space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his assistant Doris Night (a lady) stand a chance of stopping it from sapping what remains of the British Blitz Spirit! How can they possibly prevail against this alien intelligence? Keep your upper lips stiff, your ties immaculately knotted, for the sake of the planet!


Scarlett Couture #1


Scarlett Couture #1 (Variant Covers)
Writer/Artist/Cover Artist: Des Taylor

Beautiful. Intelligent. Deadly. Scarlett Couture is all of these things, and more. She’s a spy. Using her cover as Head of Security for her mother’s internationally renowned fashion house, she gathers intelligence for the CIA. In this explosive first issue, Scarlett follows her instincts right into the middle of the action and finds she needs to use all her wits to get herself out of hot water!

US Publishers


Previews #320

Previews #320 May 2015 (Diamond)

Since 1988, PREVIEWS has been your ultimate source for all of the comics and merchandise to be available from your local comic book shop… revealed up to two months in advance! Hundreds of comics and graphic novels from the best comic publishers; the coolest pop-culture merchandise on Earth; plus PREVIEWS exclusive items available nowhere else! Now more than ever, PREVIEWS is here to show the tales, toys and treasures in your future! This May issue features items scheduled to ship in July 2015 and beyond.

Dark Horse Comics

Captain Midnight #22 Marked For Death Part 4
Conan Red Sonja #4
Conan The Avenger #13
Game Of Thrones Figure Petyr Littlefinger Baelish
Game Of Thrones Figure Tywin Lannister
Gantz Trade Paperback Volume 35 (Mature Readers)
Order Of The Forge #1 (Mature Readers)
Pastaways #2


Resident Alien Sam Hain Mystery #0


Resident Alien Sam Hain Mystery #0
Writer: Peter Hogan Artist/Cover Artist: Steve Parkhouse

A stranded alien scientist hides out in the sleepy town of Patience, Washington, while federal agents begin to close in on him. Secrets about his home planet-as well as his first months on Earth-are revealed! Peter Hogan (Tom Strong) and Steve Parkhouse (The Bojeffries Saga) return to their unique science-fiction/mystery series!

DC Comics

Batman #40 (Endgame)
Batman Hard Cover Volume 6 The Graveyard Shift (N52)
Batman Trade Paperback Volume 5 Zero Year Dark City (N52)
Convergence #4
Convergence Action Comics #1
Convergence Blue Beetle #1
Convergence Booster Gold #1


Convergence Crime Syndicate #1

Convergence Crime Syndicate #1
Writer: Brian Buccellato Artist/Cover Artist: Phil Winslade

STARRING HEROES FROM CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! The Crime Syndicate’s absolute control over their city of a bygone era comes crashing down when Superwoman is on death row while the rest of the team fights the One Million Universe’s Batman and Superman!

Convergence Detective Comics #1
Convergence Infinity Inc #1


Convergence Justice Society Of America #1


Convergence Justice Society Of America #1
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Tom Derenick & Various

STARRING HEROES FROM CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! Older and in full retirement under the dome, members of the Justice Society get the chance to regain their youth to stave off forces from the Qward Universe. But the promise of youth comes with a deadly price!

Convergence Plastic Man Freedom Fighters #1

Convergence Plastic Man Freedom Fighters #1
Writer: Simon Oliver Artist: John McCrea Cover Artist: Hilary Barta

STARRING HEROES FROM CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! You have to see this story to believe it! Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters are on the gallows in a New York City taken over by Nazis, when robot super heroes attack from Futures End and enemies become allies.

Convergence Shazam #1
Convergence Worlds Finest Comics #1


Fables Trade Paperback Volume 21 Happily Ever After

Fables Trade Paperback Volume 21 Happily Ever After (Mature Readers)
Writer: Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges Artist: Mark Buckingham & Various Cover Artist: Nimit Malavia

In this penultimate volume of Bill Willingham’s FABLES, the residents of Fabletown look to live “happily ever after,” but there is a steep price to pay for happiness as Rose Red clashes with Snow White! Collects issues #141-149 of this Eisner-Award-winning series.

Gotham City Sirens Trade Paperback Book 2
Green Arrow Trade Paperback Volume 6 Broken (N52)


He Man The Eternity War #5


He Man The Eternity War #5
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Pop Mhan Cover Artist: Stjepan Sejic

Skeletor has returned! After his dramatic appearance last issue, the question remains: Will he fight alongside He-Man and She-Ra…or against them?

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three Annual #1
Justice League #40


Multiversity #2

Multiversity #2
Writer: Grant Morrison Artist/Cover Artist: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado

Every event in the history of the DC Universe has been leading to this! The final chapter of the greatest adventure of all time is here!

Issue #1 artist Ivan Reis reteams with mastermind Grant Morrison to end THE MULTIVERSITY and bring together the greatest and bravest heroes of the DC Multiverse to fight one last battle. But more than just some cabal of super-villains, they face the greatest evil that ever existed. An evil so massive, they actually may not stand a chance!
Who are the mystic Justice League of Earth-13 and what role does their leader Super Demon play in the crisis rising all around them? What shocking secret motivates the dark, nightmare henchmen known as The Gentry? And what is the final fate of Nix Uotan – the Super-God?!
You cannot miss this final, stunning chapter of Grant Morrison’s ultimate super hero epic!

Superman #40


Vertigo Quarterly SFX #1

Vertigo SFX Quarterly #1 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Peter Milligan & Various Artist: Hope Larson & Various Cover Artist: Nathan Fox

POP! SLAM! KRAK! BANG! Sound effects bring that extra bit of vibrancy to an already exciting comics page! Following the success of Vertigo’s CMYK Quarterly Anthology, which explored the four colours that make up a comic book, Vertigo continue to push the boundaries of short storytelling with 2015’s SFX Quarterly Anthology. Comics luminaries converge with the next generation of talent as they interpret four different sound effects, leading to mind-bending innovations in story and art.


IDW Publishing

Complete Chester Gould Dick Tracy Hard Cover Volume 18
Garbage Pail Kids Fables Fantasy & Farts (One Shot)
Garbage Pail Kids Fables Fantasy & Farts (One Shot) Deluxe Edition
GI Joe (2014) #8
Haunted Horror #16
Headspace Trade Paperback
IDW Spring 2015 Sci-Fi & Adventure Sampler
Jem & The Holograms #2
Jem & The Holograms #2 Plugged In Edition


Judge Dredd #29

Judge Dredd #29
Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Nelson Daniel Cover Artist: Mark Torres

Dredd is back in a clean uniform and hitting the troubled streets under the command of… a kinder, gentler Chief Justice Cal?!

Marvel Covers Artist Edition Hard Cover – Second Printing
My Little Pony Fiendship Is Magic #1-5 Comp 5 Cover Box Set
My Little Pony Fiendship Is Magic #5 Queen Chrysalis
Secret Agent X9 Dashiell Hammett And Alex Raymond Hard Cover
TMNT New Animated Adventures #22
TMNT Ongoing #44 – Third Printing
TMNT Ongoing #45
Transformers More Than Meets Eye #40

Image Comics

Alex + Ada #14
Bitch Planet #4 (Mature Readers)
Cyber Force Rebirth Trade Paperback Volume 2


Fuse #12

Fuse #12 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Antony Johnston Artist/Cover Artist: Justin Greenwood


CATHY KUANG’S MURDER – SOLVED! But what will the truth cost Klem and Ralph? It’s a dangerous place out there on the solar arrays, as Ralph is about to find out…!

Goners Trade Paperback Volume 1 We All Fall Down
Invincible #119
Mice Templar V Nights End #2 (Variant Covers)
Morning Glories #45 (Mature Readers)
Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #8 (Mature Readers)
Pisces #1 (Mature Readers)
Red One #2 (Mature Readers)
Rumble #5 (Mature Readers)
Skullkickers #32
Spread #7 (Variant Covers)
Sunstone OGN Volume2 (Mature Readers)
They’re Not Like Us #5 (Mature Readers)


The Walking Dead Trade Paperback Volume 23

The Walking Dead Trade Paperback Volume 23
Writer: Robert Kirkman Artist: Charlie Adlard & Various Cover Artist: Charlie Adlard, Dave Stewart

The new era of peace and prosperity is interrupted by a new type of enemy. One that travels amongst the walkers. One that will turn whispers of their appearance to screams. Collects THE WALKING DEAD #133-138.

Wayward #7(Variant Covers)
Witchblade #182(Variant Covers)


Marvel Comics

All New Captain America #6
Amazing Spider-Man Edge Of Spider-Verse Trade Paperback


Avengers #44

Avengers #44 TRO
Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Kev Walker, Stefano Caselli Cover Artist: Dustin Weaver


This April, the Avengers and the Illuminati face down their final hours. The clock is winding down and the final incursion is upon us.
Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman along with blockbuster artists Mike Deodato and Kev Walker bring to a close the epic saga of the Avengers, the Illuminati, and a Marvel Universe on the brink of extinction. The Incursions from parallel Earths from other dimensions have taken their toll on our heroes, and the battle worn Avengers stand ready to face utter decimation.

Before the highly-anticipated SECRET WARS begins in May, close out Jonathan Hickman’s epic Avengers and New Avengers saga with these two, oversized final issues! What changes await Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Be there when TIME RUNS OUT this April in AVENGERS #44 and NEW AVENGERS #33!

Avengers Epic Collection Behold Vision Trade Paperback
Avengers Vision And Scarlet Witch Trade Paperback New Printing
Avengers West Coast Vision Quest Trade Paperback New Printing
Daredevil #15


Darth Vader #3 Granov - Second Printing Variant

Darth Vader #3 Granov – Second Printing Variant
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Salvador Larroca Cover Artist: Adi Granov

When a Dark Lord needs help, who can he turn to? Meet Aphra — the galaxy’s foremost raider of lost weaponry! Plus: could these be the deadly droids she’s looking for? Rated T.

Elektra Trade Paperback Volume 2 Reverence


Fantastic Four #645

Fantastic Four #645
Writer: James Robinson & Various Artist: Leonard Kirk & Various Cover Artist: Leonard Kirk


• Will the Fantastic Four defeat The Quiet Man and the corrupted forces of the Heroes Reborn universe?
• Will the Johnny get his powers back? Will Reed and Sue be a family again?
• Will this be the end or will this be 4ever?!

Fantastic Four Omnibus Hard Cover Volume 3 Ross Cover
Inhuman #14
Marvel Sh Secret Wars Activity Book Facsimile Coll Trade Paperback
Marvel Universe Ult Spider-Man Web Warriors #6
Marvels Avengers Age Of Ultron Art Of Movie Slipcase Hard Cover
Max Ride First Flight #2


Moon Knight #14

Moon Knight #14
Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Ron Ackins Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey

• A new chapter that brings the horror and insanity of MOON KNIGHT to new heights!
• Mysterious wolves are threatening the nights in New York City and it’s up to Mr. Night to figure it all out.
Rated T+

New Avengers #33 Tro


New Avengers Ultron Forever #1

New Avengers Ultron Forever #1
Writer: Al Ewing Artist/Cover Artist: Alan Davis

PART 2 OF 3 – The epic Avengers adventure continues!
• When Thors clash! Vision versus Vision – to the death! The strangest Hulk-out of all! The Loki of the 25th Century!
• Ultron makes his move – but does Doctor Doom have something even worse up his metal sleeve?
Rated T+

Nova #30
Original Sin Trade Paperback
Original Sins Trade Paperback
Powers Firsts #1
Princess Leia #3
Secret Avengers #15
Shield #5
Silk #3
Silver Surfer #11
Spider-Man And X-Men #6
Spider-Verse Hard Cover
Superior Iron Man #8
True Believers Age Of Ultron #1
True Believers Miles Morales #1
Wolverines #16


X-Force Trade Paperback Volume 3 Ends Means

X-Force Trade Paperback Volume 3 Ends Means
Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Tan Eng, Rock-He Kim Cover Artist: TBD

Fantomex’s compulsion to be The Best has caused him to turn on his former teammates! Can a squad of killers hope to escape science’s perfect living weapon? Fantomex begins a murderous rampage, taking out each and every one of the world’s secret intelligence agencies, working his way closer to X-Force. Knowing the confrontation is inevitable, Cable and his team ready themselves for the fight of their lives. And as X-Force learns the true identity of the villain they have been pursuing for months, Cable hatches one last scheme – and the fate of Hope Summers is revealed! In the final showdown with Fantomex, X-Force will give everything they have to defeat their power-mad teammate-turned-adversary. And in the end, not everyone will emerge unscathed! Collecting X-FORCE (2014) #11-15.
Parental Advisory


X-Men #26


Other Publishers

Alice In Country Of Clover March Hares Revolution Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
Archie Funhouse Comics Double Digest #14
Attack On Titan Junior High Graphic Novel Volume 3
Battle Lines Graphic History Of The Civil War Graphic Novel
Battlestar Galactica Six #4 Exc Subscription Cover
Battlestar Galactica Six #4 Frison Cover
Benjamin Bear In Brain Storms Hard Cover
Big Trouble In Little China #10
Black Lagoon Graphic Novel Volume 3
Blood Queen Vs Dracula #3 Cover A Anacleto Main
Brides Of Helheim #5 (Mature Readers)
Burning Fields #2 – Second Printing
Burning Fields #4


Caliban #2 Platinum CGC Numbered Edition

Caliban #2 Platinum CGC Numbered Edition (Mature Readers) – Avatar
Writer: Garth Ennis Artist/Cover Artist: Facundo Percio
This Platinum Foil edition of Caliban #2 Dark Matter is the ultimate collectible! CGC Numbered Editions are the most exclusive editions ever. Created for Avatar, these feature the highest quality in transparent verification as the entire print run of these editions is sent to CGC. There are no raw copies. Every copy is also assigned a unique number, 1 to 150, and you will be able to see a special census accounting for all copies and their grades on All copies filling these orders will be graded 9.8 or better. Limited to 150 copies.

Certain Scientific Railgun Graphic Novel Vol 10
Charmed Season 10 Trade Paperback Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Cluster #2 – Second Printing
Cosplay Basics A Beginners Guide Graphic Novel
Cow Boy Trade Paperback Volume 1 Boy And His Horse

Crossed Badlands #76

Crossed Badlands #76 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers) – Avatar
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Rafa Ortiz Cover Artist: Fernando Heinz

Kieron Gillen continues his tale of Crossed set in two times. The modern day outbreak and a previously unheard of original outbreak in the ancient past! As horrific megafauna and giant reptiles threaten every move, witness the near extinction of man at the hands of grinning monsters in this violent and terrifying primitive world. There is no help, there is no hope. There is only the Crossed. Available with Regular Cover by Fernando Heinz, Wraparound and Megafauna Mayhem Covers by Rafa Ortiz, Torture Cover by Raulo Caceres, Art Deco Cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Red Crossed Incentive Cover also by Heinz.

Devils & Realist Graphic Novel Volume 5
Disappearance Of Charley Butters Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
Disney Cinderella Cinestory Trade Paperback
Dorohedoro Graphic Novel Vol 15 (Mature Readers)
Dragonar Academy Graphic Novel Volume 6 (Mature Readers)
Enormous Trade Paperback Volume 1
Fubar Mother Russia #1 (Mature Readers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales Jungle Book Fall Wild #5 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales  Oz Reign Of Witch Queen #1 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
God Is Dead #34 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Godkiller Trade Paperback Volume 1 Walk Among Us Part 1 (Mature Readers)
Godkiller Walk Among Us #4 (Mature Readers)
Gold Digger Gold Trade Paperback Brick Iii Reminted Signed Ed
Gold Digger Gold Trade Paperback Brick Iv Reminted Signed Ed
Hellbreak #2 (Mature Readers)
Hit 1957 #2
Hoax Hunters 2015 #2 (Mature Readers)
Holy F*Ck Trade Paperback Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
I Play The Bad Guy #4
Ice Bayou Blackout #1
Irene Graphic Novel Volume 4
Itty Bitty Bunnies Tales From Crib #1 (Mature Readers)
Johnny Viable And His Terse Friends One Shot


King Jungle Jim #3


King Jungle Jim #3 – Dynamic Entertainment
Writer: Paul Tobin Artist: Sandy Jarrell Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey

Bounding gadabouts! Hawk-Men and Rhino-Men and Lion-Men and Snoring-Men and Tragic Reveals and Huge Jungle Fights and most important of all…our main character’s biggest worry is that he’s run out of whiskey. (Jim’s got problems with prioritizing)

Lady Death (Ongoing) #17 SDCC Set (Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #21 Austin VIP Cover (Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #24 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #25 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #26 Battle Wrap Cover (Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #5 Calgary VIP Cover (Mature Readers)
Lady Death Apocalypse #4 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Lady Death Art Of Juan Jose Ryp Deluxe Collection Box Set (Mature Readers)
Lady Death Masterworks Deluxe Collection Box Set (Mature Readers)
Lady Death Origins Annual #1 NYCC 5 Cover Set (Mature Readers)
Lady Death Origins Cursed #2 Philly Swimsuit Set (Mature Readers)
Lady Death Pirate Queen #1 Deluxe Collection Box Set (Mature Readers)
Lady Death Warrior Temptress Deluxe Collection Box (Mature Readers)
Last West Graphic Novel Volume 1
Last West Graphic Novel Volume 2
Lunch Witch Graphic Novel Volume 1
Maria The Virgin Witch Graphic Novel Volume 2
Mayday #1 (Mature Readers)
Men Of Mystery #96
Metal Locus #1
Misadventures Of Salem Hyde Hard Cover Volume 4 Dinosaur Dilemma
Misadventures Of Salem Hyde Soft Cover Volume 4 Dinosaur Dilemma
Mobile Suit Gundam Origin Hard Cover Volume 9
Munchkin #4
My Gal The Zombie Trade Paperback
Noragami Stray God Graphic Novel Volume 4
Operation Nemesis Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
Oz Cover Gallery One Shot Main Foc Increase Cover
Palookaville Hard Cover Volume 22 (Mature Readers)
Philemon Adventures Graphic Novel Volume 2 Wild Piano
Pirate Eye Exiled From Exile #4
Plunder #3
Princeless Pirate Princess #4
Puppet Master #2 Main Cover (Mature Readers)
Quantum & Woody Must Die #4
Rocket Salvage #5
Rod Espinosas Steampunk Snow Queen #1
Say I Love You Graphic Novel Volume 7
Sixth Gun Dlx Hard Cover Volume 2
Skystorm Origins #1
Sonic Boom #7
Steambusters #1
Steampunk Sherlock Case Files Beauty And Bohemian
Steven Universe Greg Universe Special #1
Supermutant Magic Academy Graphic Novel


The Devilers #6


The Devilers #6 – Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov Artist: Matt Triano Cover Artist: Jock

The team is in retreat, all hope is seemingly lost, and the traitor in their midst may have shown their hand. It’s up to Chun-Bai to see the true nature of their situation before it’s too late.

Thomas Alsop Trade Paperback Volume 1
Toto Trouble Graphic Novel Volume 3 Ace Of Jokers


The Tower Chronicles Dreadstalker #9

The Tower Chronicles Dreadstalker #9
Writer: Matt Wagner Artist/Cover Artist: Simon Bisley

Though his past has long been a mystery, supernatural bounty hunter John Tower finally reveals his gruesome past to his unofficial parter, FBI agent Alicia Hardwicke. Tower must gather three mystical items to free him from his wretched curse. While Tower travels to Vermont to face off against a pair of vile creatures disappearing locals, Alicia uses her substantial resources to find the next piece of the puzzle that may finally set him free. But what place could be so terrifying that even the GeistHawk known as John Tower would tread with caution?

Trash Market Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
Twilight Zone S&S #4

War Stories #8

War Stories #8 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Garth Ennis Artist/Cover Artist: Tomas Aria

As the full horror of the Soviet advance becomes clear, the little group of German refugees makes its way through the dark woods of East Prussia. Romance flares between our heroine and one of her saviors, but these German war heroes are not all they seem. And the road to salvation is a dangerous one, growing more so with every step along it. Part two of The Last German Winter, by Garth Ennis and Tomas Aira. Available with Regular &Wraparound Covers by Tomas Aria, and Good Girl Nose Art & Battle Damage Retailer Incentive Covers by Matt Martin.

We Dig Worms Hard Cover
White Trash Hard Cover Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Woodstock Master Of Disguise Trade Paperback
Xxxholic Rei Graphic Novel Volume 3
Yu Gi Oh Duelist Graphic Novel Volume 5
Yu Gi Oh Millennium World Graphic Novel Volume 3
Yu Gi Oh Millennium World Graphic Novel Volume 4
Zombies That Ate The World Hard Cover Volume 3 (Mature Readers)



Brickjournal #34
Comic Shop News #1454
Filmfax #140
Illustration Magazine #47
Phantom Detective Double Novel #2
Scream Magazine #29 (Mature Readers)
Star Wars Insider #157



100 Things Avengers Fans Should Know Do Before They Die Soft Cover
Arclight The Art Of Joe Wight Signed Ed
Art Of Pimp One Mans Search For Love Sex & Money (Mature Readers)
Chocolate Cheesecake Celebrating Modern Black Pin Up Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Darth Vader & Friends Hard Cover
Dino Mike & Museum Mayhem
Disney Frozen Poster Collection Soft Cover
Fairy Tales By Elias Art Of Elias Chatzoudis Soft Cover (Mature Readers)
Golden Age Masterworks From Golden Age Illustrat Hard Cover Volume 1
Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle Graphic Novel Volume 1 Phoebe & Her Unicorn
Hobbit Definitive Movie Poster Collection Soft Cover
Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Updated Expanded
Lois Lane Fallout Hard Cover Novel
Lost In Nyc Subway Adventure Hard Cover
Mad Greatest Writers Frank Jacobs 5 Decades Greatest Work Hard Cover
Orpheus In The Underworld Toon Graphic Hard Cover
Sex & Horror Art Of Emanuele Taglietti Soft Cover
Shadow Double Novel Vol 95 Jade Dragon & Chinese Tapestry
Silver Dream Interworld Novel Soft Cover
Star Wars Epic Yarns Hard Cover Volume 1 New Hope
Star Wars Epic Yarns Hard Cover Volume 2 Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Epic Yarns Hard Cover Volume 3 Return Of The Jedi
Star Wars Lords Of Sith Hard Cover
Sword Art Online Novel Vol 04 Fairy Dance
Ultimate Star Wars Definitive Guide Star Wars Univ Hard Cover
Wonder Woman Amazon Hero Icon Hard Cover Sale Ed
World According To Iron Man Hard Cover
World According To Thor Hard Cover


Free Comic Book Day 2015• Free Comic Book Day is administered by a panel representing all parts of the comic book industry: retailers, publishers, suppliers, and Diamond Comic Distributors. Each year, publishers apply to provide comic books at cost to retailers, who in turn give them away for free. Diamond handles marketing and logistics for the event, shipping comics to shops and handling marketing and PR for the event. While the organisers of FCBD hope every one of these shops will take part, each shop determines on its own whether or not to participate. You can check their shop locator for a comic shop near you.

• To find out if there’s a shop near you taking part, visit:, which has a shop locator service that will show you participating retailers in your area. 

• Some digital distributors are also taking part in the event

List compiled via Diamond Previews, publishers and with the help of First Age Comics, 3 Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QD. Open: Tuesday – Friday 10.00am – 4.30pm, Saturday 10.00am – 5.30pm. Find them on Facebook

• First Age Comics also has a shop site on e-Bay:

• The downthetubes map of British Comic Shops


The founder of downthetubes, which he established in 1998. John works as a comics and magazine editor, writer, and on promotional work for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Working in British comics publishing since the 1980s, his credits include editor of titles such as Doctor Who Magazine, Star Trek Explorer (previously known as Star Trek Magazine) and more. He also edited the comics anthology STRIP Magazine and edited several audio comics for ROK Comics. He has also edited several comic collections, including volumes of “Charley’s War and “Dan Dare”. He’s the writer of "Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies" for B7 Comics; “Crucible”, a creator-owned project with 2000AD artist Smuzz; and “Death Duty” and “Skow Dogs” with Dave Hailwood.

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