C2D4 Launches new titles

Last of the ChickenheadsNewly launched self-publishers C2D4 (an aliteration of Comics To Die For) enjoyed a successful launch at the Bristol International Comic Expo earlier this month, with Essex-based duo artist and writer Tony Wicks, and writer Martin Buxton unveiling three titles: Last of the Chickenhads, Jack in the Box, and Crowman.

Martin met Tony four years ago and they quickly found they both loved comics and eventually agreed they felt the same way about what they wanted from comics and decided to work together on their ideas. Tony began drawing at the age of six, when he discovered The Ecology & Evolution of the Dinosaurs in his parents’ book shelf, copying every dinosaur faithfully in pencil! After an attempt at a self penned quadrilogy, Dimo his first completed project in years came about: Last of the Chickenheads.

The comic tells the tale of Samurai chicken Frank and his adventures in a world full of animal/human hybrids in the wake of a plague that has devastated the planet. On his travels, he finds himself up against dinosaurs, hordes of nanites and a grudge-baring lion called Bruno.

Jack in the BoxJack in the Box is the story of two children taken from the their families as babies and brought up in radically different worlds. Jack abducted by aliens is deprived of all physical contact, with his only reference to the outside world a book full of symbols, which has a strange affect on the way he sees the world. Amelia on the other hand is rescued from a car crash, which kills both her parents, and is brought up by friendly pink apes, which has just as strange affect on the way she sees the world.

CrowmanCrowman is the tale of a sleepy mid-western town called Havenville. Under the grip of a corrupt mayor, the inhabitants have gotten pretty used to the fact their lives are expendable. However, the arrival of a masked man calling himself Crowman threatens to bring about an end to the Mayor’s reign…

Tony and Martin are working on several other joint projects, including The Hack and Alameda.

• For the lastest information on C2D4, visit the official web site: www.c2d4.com

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