Carol Day Story Books and Riverside Racket in the works

Carol Day - Riverside Racket Story Book - Cover
Riverside Racket Cover

The Slingsby Bros Ink! team behind the stunning Carol Day newspaper strip collections have announced that, now Jack Slingsby is in the hands of readers, they are now working on a range of “story books”.

Carol Day is a fashion model, elegant and assured in a world of intrigue, vividly brought to life in this much-acclaimed newspaper strip with multi-layered adult storylines and superbly detailed and atmospheric artwork. Created by artist David Wright, it was published in the Daily Mail between 10th September 1956 and 25th May 1967. 

“Not all Carol Day stories justify an expensive art book presentation,” say the team – Roger Clark, Chris Killackey, and Guy Mills, noting the shorter extent of some strips. “But we strongly believe that whenever possible readers should view Carol Day reproduced from the original art and in the same size.

“On that basis, for our next group of Carol Day books, we are adjusting our format and creating a series of ‘story books’. These books will each contain one complete Carol Day story reproduced from the original art in the original size. We will write a short introduction to the story but otherwise provide little editorial content except copyright and contact information.”

The art pages will be just like Lance Hallam and Jack Slingsby

To store and display the story books, the team have designed a slipcase that will fit three Story Books. The slipcase will be the exact form factor as the Lance Hallam and Jack Slingsby books, so if you’ve collected the set, they will match on your shelf.

In addition, to maintain a consistent look and feel, Brian Bolland has created another of his wonderful Carol Day designs for the front of the slipcase.

Carol Day - Story Books Slipcase Mock Up
 Slipcase Cover Mockup
Carol Day - Riverside Racket Story Book - Back Cover
Back Cover

Initially, the team are are currently planning to publish the following three stories in this format. “Riverside Racket“, the eighth story, published in 1958, a story of passion and murder! Not seen since its original publication. (Click here for the story behind the story); “Money Matters“, the 14th story, published in 1960, a story about a poor snob and a wealthy, good-hearted social climber; and “Jimmy Hayes“, the 24th story, published in1963, a story about a middle-aged lech pursuing Carol.

Slingsby Bros plan to release the slipcase and Riverside Racket this year and follow that up in 2025 with the next two stories.

You can pre-order Riverside Racket now via The Book Palace. The price for Riverside Racket is £144, approximately $185, plus shipping. The book will include a Foreword, the Riverside Racket Art, and a feature, “The Slingsby Bros and the Adventure of the Lost Art” by Roger Clark.

As with Jack Slingsby, this collction will only be available through the Book Palace and only by pre-order, so if you’d like a copy, don’t hesitate. Pre-orders end on 1st September 2024, at which time Slingsby Bros, Ink! will set the print run and go to print, hoping to ship in November

Riverside Racket is available to preorder now | Trade Flexibound edition | Limited edition | 19.25 x 14.25 inches (pages are 19 x 14 inches) | Printed on acid-free paper | 56 pages | Quarterbound with a cloth spine

Carol Day Slipcase and Story Book Dummies
Slipcase and Story Book Dummies

• The slipcase is still in process but will be ready soon. To insure you get the announcement when it becomes available, go here and sign up for the Slingsby Bros mailing list

David Wright’s Carol Day: Riverside Racket  is a companion volume to the large format books: David Wright’s Carol Day: Lance Hallam and David Wright’s Carol Day: Jack Slingsby

• Carol Day Official Site: | Slingsby Bros, Ink! –

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