Cartoonists naturally good at social web practice?

(Above: A panel from Darryl Cunningham’s Evolution strip. Click to enlarge.)
There’s an interesting post over at Pete Ashton’s Ash-10 blog about cartoonists and social web practice.

‘I often pick up on cartoonists as examples of good social web practice,’ Pete writes, ‘partly because I like cartoonists, partly because their work lends itself to being displayed on a web browser but also because many of the cartoonists I follow have a history in fanzines and self-published comics and have an innate understanding of how this stuff works.’

Pete singles out ace cartoonist Darryl Cunningham as an example of someone who uses social media particularly well:

‘Darryl is now working on a new collection of strips about science and is posting the strips in their entirety on his blog as they are drawn. So far you can read chapters on homeopathy, MMR and, from this week, evolution. What’s interesting is he’s calling these “beta” strips and inviting corrections and clarifications from his readers.’

You can read the full post, which is well worth your time, here.

Pete Ashton is an online communications consultant specialising in social media and blogging. He also spent a long time as a fanzine maker and advocate of self-published comics.

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  1. I wouldn’t say all cartoonists. It’s more those who have first hand experience of the “community media” (for want of a better word) environtment of the small press that I find make the transition to social media easier.

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