Comic creator Dan Whitehead launches “Pegasus Lost” game

Pegasus Lost - Richcast Game - by Dan Whitehead

Comic creator Dan Whitehead has just published Pegasus Lost, an interactive voice-controlled sci fi story on the RichCastApp that he created using their #nocode tools.

“Fellow comics folks, you should definitely have a go and see what you can make. It’s dead easy,” he enthuses on Twitter.

In the new game, available now, disaster has stuck in the cockpit corridor on the Pegasus. But what?

RichCast works on Windows 10 or 11 and MacOS Big Sur (or newer). You can install it via the RichCast site.

Pegasus Lost - Richcast Game - by Dan Whitehead

Dan Whitehead, whose recent comics work includes “Terrahawks” for Time Bomb Comics, has enjoyed a long and eclectic career in publishing, starting as a teenager in 1991 as a games reviewer for Amiga Computing magazine. Since then, he has worked across magazines, websites, TV, games, books and comics. His bylines include Fangoria, Hotdog, Big Issue North, DVD & Blu-ray Review, Official Xbox Magazine, Eurogamer, BAFTA and Guinness World Records.

RichCast has been developed by video games industry veterans Neil Campbell and The Oliver Twins, and offers a world of user-generated media experiences, called Titles, ranging from interactive choose your own adventures and games to linear stories and learning tools.

The platform’s #NoCode approach allows creators – including writers, gamers, podcasters, and YouTubers – to make, own, distribute and monetise diverse types of content that players can stream and enjoy through a single app across multiple devices.

RichCast Promo

A unique aspect of RichCast is that the main interface for controlling the Titles is voice recognition. Players can talk to the ‘in-game’ characters, who can understand and respond, allowing for deep and meaningful conversations as part of an immersive storytelling experience.

“Millions of people across the world play games, listen to audiobooks and consume podcasts every day,” the RichCast team outline on their website

“Coming from a games background, we kept thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to make decisions, to interact, to explore these worlds and media by simply talking to them?

“Wouldn’t it be incredible if anyone could make and share those interactive experiences?

RichCast delivers that dream… [it] lets players talk to the stories they’re listening to, influencing events and choosing their own path. This means richer, more involved, more captivating Titles, blurring the lines between fiction and games, between stories and puzzles, between listeners and authors.

“If you love audiobooks, podcasts, video games, or interactive fiction, you’ll love RichCast.”

Pegasus Lost is available to play exclusively on RichCast now

Dan Whitehead is online at | Twitter

Check out the RichCast’s integrated editor

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