Creator Spotlight: Sgt. Rock by Brian Bolland re-visited, by Robotech colourist Marco Lesko

Colourist Marco Lesko, who I worked with on the recently-published Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor mini-series from Titan Comics, posted his colouring take on an iconic Sgt Rock page by Brian Bolland, first published by DC Comics in 1992.

I’m a fan of Marco’s work and I thought you might like to see it here…

Sgt. Rock by Brian Bolland, coloured by Marco Lesko

Sgt. Rock by Brian Bolland, coloured by Marco Lesko

Marco has coloured books and covers for Image Comics (Shadowline), Titan Comics, Zenescope Entertainments, Aftershock Comics and Dynamite Comics, on titles such as Rat Queens (2019), Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor (2018), Assassin’s Creed Uprising (2017), Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor (2016) and DEUS EX  (2016), among others, and is still working on Robotech.

Brian Bolland should need no introduction to downthetubes readers: drawing comics professionally since the 1970s, his work includes The Killing Joke, written by Alan Moore, as well as being one of the principal artists on early issues of 2000AD, particularly on “Judge Dredd” (where he was the artist responsible for the introductions of Judge Death and Judge Anderson), and doing extensive work for DC on Animal Man, Camelot 3000, The Green Lantern, The Invisibles and Wonder Woman.

A firm believer in the importance of life drawing by aspiring comic artists, if you’re interested in seeing more by this “artist’s artist”, track down copies of Bolland Strips!, published by Knockabout, or The Art of Brian Bolland, published by Image Comicsfor starters.

Originally coloured by Russ Heath, Brian Bolland’s Sgt. Rock art first appeared as a frontispiece in the Sgt Rock Special #2 in 1992, marking the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. It’s an item that more than one colourist has experimented with to test their craft and show their skills, but I do like what Marco has done to complement the art, really capturing the battle-weary soldier in the middle of a fight, still ready to do what it takes to win the day, no matter the odds.

This work by Brian Bolland is also an item that’s been circulated online in various stages of development.

Sgt Rock by Brian Bolland - Pencils

Sgt. Rock by Brian Bolland – Pencils

Sgt Rock by Brian Bolland - Inks

Sgt. Rock by Brian Bolland – Inks

Sgt. Rock by Brian Bolland - as originally published in 1992, coloured by Russ Heath, as a frontispiece for the Sgt Rock Special #2

Sgt. Rock by Brian Bolland – as originally published in 1992, coloured by Russ Heath, as a frontispiece for the Sgt Rock Special #2

The 68-page Special published by DC Comics leads with a story of Sgt. Rock and Easy Co. in the thick of some of the fiercest fighting of World War Two, with art by Eduardo Barreto.

Also engaged in this great battle are Mademoiselle Marie, illustrated by Howard Chaykin, The Haunted Tank, illustrated by Russ Heath, and Johnny Cloud, illustrated by Graham Nolan.

The fully-painted cover was supplied by Dan Brereton.

• You can find Marco Lesko on Tumblr here and follow him on Twitter @marco_lesko

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