Crowdfunding Spotlight: Glasscity Comics

Scottish independent comics publisher Glasscity Comics, headed up by David Cranna, is looking to raise funds to complete their first graphic novel.

Glasscity Comics: The Story of a Missing Girl

“We’re now five days in and 137% funded so we’re doing great,” David enthuses on social media, after his crowdfunder reached over £4000 in backing for its first graphic novel. “There’s still plenty of time to check us out if you haven’t already.”

David, a longtime fan of comics who’s now turned his hand to writing them and make comics for people to enjoy, has 28 pages of the first graphic novel ready to go, available as a limited edition #0 “ashcan” edition as a reward. (There are only 100 of this original print and only some will be available on this Kickstarter).

Glasscity Comics: The Story of a Missing Girl
Glasscity Comics: The Story of a Missing Girl

Initially, the Glasscity Comics team are looking to raise funds to complete part one of a three-part tale, “The Story of a Missing Girl”. If this is successful, they hope to release more from the same gritty city.

The Story of a Missing Girl” is set 100 years in the future, in the city of Glasburgh, or to use the local nickname, Glasscity. Gabriel “Gabe” Gatti is a detective, haunted by the disappearance of his daughter five years previously who or what took her still a mystery.

When a case mirrors his own, Gabe and his partner Jacob dive head first into the darker part of an already dark city… and everything they thought they knew about the city is about to change.

As the investigation continues, Gabe can’t help but feel that this case is far too similar to his own daughter’s disappearance. It’s been five years and he has still not had the thinnest of leads, but as he stumbles across a name that has the underworld shaken to its core, Gabe knows he’s finally on to something…

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“Glasscity is based upon my home city of Glasgow, only far more sinister,” says 38-year-old David. “100 years in the future, Scotland’s two largest cites have combined to create one super city, Glasburgh.

“In a place with so many inhabitants, no one can expect them all to be on the straight and narrow and in Glasscity, the vast majority are as crooked as hell!

David is inspired in his work by writers such as Garth Ennis and Frank Miller. “These two writers, in my opinion, have never written a bad story. Their ability to normalise their characters and create an environment that is realistic is what draws me to them both.

Glasscity Comics' David Cranna
Glasscity Comics’ David Cranna

“My inspiration closer to home has to be Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting, Filth, Acid House). If you’ve never read any of his books or watched any of the films based on them, give them a try but bear in mind, they are not for the faint of heart.

“Welsh is a very graphic story teller and he tends to highlight the poorer part of Scotland. Great inspiration when you’re writing about the darker side of life.

“If you like the ramblings of Marv and the narration of Rorschach this is the series for you,” David feels. “This is a dark and gritty noir story set in a bleak future. For the mature reader, expect this book to give you graphic story telling alongside some serious graphic imagery.”

Working with David on this project is artist is Costa Rican Roman Gubskii and letterer Ryan Bielak.

“You just have to look at the art above to see how good he is,” David enthuses. “Roman is a true professional and I hope we have many years working together.“

“Ryan Bielak has been fantastic and a great support during the initial stages of creating this book. We have constantly been back and forth as we worked together to create a nice flow for the reader.

“This is hopefully the start for Glasscity Comics,” David notes. “I have a ton of stories written that all take place within this city.

“Some of these stories will be a one off and some will tie into a larger story line. The only constant is they will all take place in the dark streets of Glasscity…”

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