Crowdfunding Spotlight: New HOW to THINK when you DRAW books on the way from The Etherington Brothers

The entire set of the Etherington Brothers utterly brilliant HOW to THINK when you DRAW BOOKS (including a new volume 4!) is coming exclusively to Kickstarter in March.

For those who don’t already know, Robin and Lorenzo Etherington are British comic, book and film creators who work together as The Etherington Brothers. They’ve been creating their free online series of tutorials, How to Think when you Draw and How to Think When You Write, for years now, before printing them with the support of Kickstarter crowdfunding.

I first met this incredibly talented duo at a comic convention in Bristol years ago now, and had a gut instinct they’d go far… and I was right. Today, their clients include studios such as Disney, Dreamworks, Aardman, and the BBC and have worked on properties such as Star Wars, Transformers, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon.

Passionate about sharing creative skills online for free, they also enjoy running comic workshops for class size groups of 7 – 12 year olds to encourage creative free-thinking in young children through comic art and storytelling.

As with all their previous releases of these invaluable comic creation books, packed with useful tips and guides on how to well, er, draw – and hone your drawing skills, too, these terrific books won’t even available anywhere else, in shops or online, for at least- the next two years.

While these books are invaluable, and past Kickstarters have proven some of the most successful crowdfunding projects offered by UK creators, the Etherington Brothers are determined that their guides always be free, and they’re currently running a #LEARNUARY campaign throughout this month across their social media, These bite-sized, social-media-friendly, high quality online creative learning tools are “for everyone, created by everyone available forever,” the boys enthuse.

The Etherington Brothers - How to Think When You Draw 2021

The only way to get the books is to join the secret launch mailing list by by sending “Add me, Lorenzo!” to (If you’ve joined their mailing lists before, smart move, you’re already on it!)

If you want to to get an idea of what these books offer, then check out the Etherington Brothers Instagram or Twitter, where artist Lorenzo has recently added masses of new resources a fad amazing guides.

No matter what type of or art or creativity you enjoy, we’re hoping you’ll join us in bringing a wealth of learning to social media this January!

Check out the Etherington Brothers How to Think when you Draw and How to Think When You Write blog, too, which offers over 300 art tutorials – all for free

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