Crowdfunding Spotlight: TechnoFreak by Sunday Lunch Comics

TechnoFreak is a great-looking adult-leaning scifi noir project running on Kickstarter from British creators John Charles and Barry May, with art by Tom Newell lettered by Nikki Foxrobot, which has already met its target – so back it now if you want a copy of the first issue!

It’s a great-looking a dystopian tale set in 31st Century London and the first of many, hopefully from Sunday Lunch Comics, starring Jon Sherlock, TechnoFreak, and his French robot cat, Maurice.

TechnoFreak #1 - Maurice the Cat
Maurice the Cat

I’ll state for the record that I’ve known super talented John Charles (whose name you may recognise as the colourist on “Judge Dredd” and “Sinister Dexter” for 2000AD) since my Marvel UK days. I think it’s safe to say he’s very happy that TechnoFreak has gains such huge support already.

“Further funds raised will help us make Issue Two a reality,” he says. “I’m hoping we can become a proper little comics company, and that we won’t have to do another Kickstarter in the future.

“I am blessed with an awful lot of good friends,” he says of backing received We have had the odd pledge from the United States, too – which is great.

“It’s lovely being part of a great team,” he also comments. This includes the work on the promotional video for the project  was made by one of his many ex-students, Conan McPhee, with voice over by French actor Pascal Gerrard and music Mark Garner.

“Conan’s a great cartoonist,” John tells me. “Very dedicated, and clever as anything. He’s the son of Tony McPhee, of The Groundhogs fame – and Neal Adams did one of their album covers for them. Small world!”

TechnoFreak Issue One - Cover

Set in a dystopian 31st Century London, Jon Sherlock is a man with a super-computer implanted in his head, his closest companion is a talking robot cat.Welcome to the world of Technofreak – a radical new 26-page full colour comic from Sunday Lunch Comics, plus back-up features.

TechnoFreak #1 - Promotional Art

“I’m pretty sure I saw the word, or maybe two words, ‘TechnoFreak’ on a rave poster back in the late 1990s” John told Outright Geekery, when asked about the project’s origins. “I just thought it was a great word and would make a good character name. Barry and I originally created a superhero team called TechnoFreaks, and the concept mutated over many years.

“At one point I drew six pages of what should have become a three issue mini-series and recruited the talented Yel Zamor as a colourist.  We even had a financial backer, in the great friend, Matt Brown. But, somehow, we never did anymore. It seems that ideas never die though.

TechnoFreak #1 - Characters (Animated)

“This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a sensational new comic book character,” he enthuses.

John and Barry have written two books together and made their comics debut writing Spider-Man and the X-Men for Panini UK/Marvel.

A professional comic book artist and colourist, John Charles was the graphic designer for Trident Comics back in the 1980s, drawn/digitally painted covers, illustrated some “Future Shocks” for 2000AD, provided cover art for Antarctic Press and IDW in the US, and coloured Spectacular Spider-Man and a variety of other strips for Panini UK’s Marvel Heroes comic. He also co-wrote a three-part story for them co-starring Spider-Man and the X-Men. John has also lectured in comic book art at Staffordshire University for several years. Most recently, he’s been a regular colourist on “Sinister Dexter” for 2000AD.

TechnoFreak #1 - The Clone Room
The Clone Room

Barry May has written some things over the years, including the aforementioned Spider-Man / X-Men team-up (for Spectacular Spider-Man 134 – 136) with John. He also worked with John to create the much-loved books Tiger J Jackson and The School for Weird Kids,’ and Kiri, the Fairy Barmaid. In his spare time, he likes to make up words and use them invulcerously, although obviously not at weekends, or in mixed company.

TechnoFreak #1 - Page 10

Mature student Tom Newell is a force of nature. Hailing from Birmingham, when he’s not drawing comics he’s reading them. After too many years of labouring jobs Tom has decided to follow his dream and become a comic artist.

“I first met Tom whilst lecturing at Staffordshire University on the Cartoon and Comic Arts degree course,” says John. “Tom’s talent impressed me immensely from the day I met him, and I genuinely believe he has the potential to become the next UK comics superstar artist.

“Tom offered to draw TechnoFreak for me, and, being rather lazy, I just let him. He produced a whole comic in very short order, whereas I’d only produced six pages in twenty years!”

Nikki Foxrobot is a very experienced letterer, and not a robot at all, despite the name. She has over ten years’ experience of lettering and logo creation, including work for Dark Horse, The Black Library/Games Workshop, and BSkyB.

Backers can fund the publication of the print edition of TechnoFreak #1, with printed copies available online and at conventions. Issue Two is already in the works.

“A lot of time and effort has gone into creating TechnoFreak,” says John. “We are hoping it will be the next big thing!

TechnoFreak HeadShot

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